Low month 1/2

Every Christmas I usually have time to and feel like to blog, and every year I hope that feeling will continue on into the new year. Sadly it rarely does. So that’s why there hasn’t been a blog post this month before now.

I’ve long thought about blogging this month, but it’s mostly ends with the thought. So here is at least a little recap of what I’ve done.

Looking back in the calender tells me that I went skiing with my job, more precisely telemark skiing. Last time I went skiing was last year, when we also had a skiing trip. We went to the same place, Trysil. Which is a pretty big ski resort east in Norway, close to the Swedish border. It is usually pretty good skiing condition, so it’s always a safe bet. Everytime I go skiing my feats hurts a lot, and I’ve always thought that was because my boots where to narrow, so after the first day I went to the ski shop to look for some new one. Luckily the guy in the store told me it wasn’t because my shoes where to narrow, but that I had the wrong sole. He recommended me to get a moulded sole, so it will fit perfect for my foot. It was a bit pricey so I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not, but after some consideration and googling I ended up trying it, and boy am I glad I did! The next day there where no pain in my feet as I ride, it was wonderful!

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This last weekend (January 23 to 25) was the Global Game Jam 2015 and since it was a long time since last time (and I had a “free” weekend) I wanted to participate. So I persuaded my girlfriend and a friend of mine to join. As the Global Game Jam physical jam, and not a online one, you need to sign up at one of the many events. The closest for us was the one in Oslo. We had some trouble sign up our account at the web page, as it seemed that they had some issues with their e-mail, but it all ended well.

As all proper game jam, there should be a theme. This years theme was “What do we do now?”. It was not something I had anticipated, so we struggled to come up with something good, so we ended up with a lost giraffe that needed help to get home, I guess…

You control the giraffe by record the movements in advanced, and the let them play out. So you need to properly time your jumps and ducks. We also used a rather peculiar resolution, 1200×700. So you need a bigger screen then that. In the feature image you can see the red line at the top, showing what you have recorded, a hump up means jump, and a hump down means slide.


You can download the game for Windows (an executable) and for Unix (but you need to download Löve2d first).

Gift code Indie Game Magazine Subscription

I Kickstarted Elysian Shadows and recieved a gift code for Indie Game Magazine, but there was an internal server error, so everyone ended up with two codes. So if you want it, please take it!

Due to an internal server error causing a problem with the order number of Magazine issues (perhaps due to the year change), some backers experienced difficulties while attempting to redeem their vouchers. The problem is now resolved, and new instructions and alternate vouchers are below. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hit the “more” button to see the code.

Here is your personal Subscription voucher: VXYXW58SIA1R

(Please note: The code expires on February 28, 2015. Please redeem your subscription before then.)


I’m a big fan og Metanet N, and N+. This year (hopefully in this spring) next generation N is coming, called N++. I’m super stoked and have started saving for a PS4, since it’s first released on the Playstation Network. In this occasion Metanet have been out promoting the game, and I bought a sticker and pin pack to show my tribute.



I didn’t only get stickers and pins, but I also got a personal letter thanking me, which is pretty cool!


Metanet is the best!

History of N:

The first version of N was released as freeware in 2004; it gradually spread through word of mouth to millions of players. We were surprised and humbled by the interest in the game, and strove to make it even better, releasing N+ in 2008. Since then we’ve continued to refine and develop the game, working on new levels, enemies, and game modes. We’ve learned a lot about N over the past ten years, and we’re putting it all into N++. N++ will be the definitive and final game in the series — we’re sending it off with a bang.

2014 on Instagram

Inspired by my friend Christina, and since this is my first year with Instagram, I want to make a “My year on Instagram”. So keep on reading and see the four best photos of each months.

As I didn’t registered on Instagram before April; January, February, and March are both blank.

So welcome to April, the first picture I’ve added to Instagram.

I started working on my apartment, making it ready for sale.

I also got Rivet Wars in April!

I passed my Scrum Certification exam.

If you want to continue reading, hit the “more” button. There is going to be a lot more images in this post.

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With this post I want to try something new, and that is to start write some small reviews of the board games I have. Not sure of the quality or if this will be a good source for reviews, but it will be what it will be. Let’s start!

A few weeks ago I received the fantasy RPG Arcadia Quest by Cool Mini or Not and Spaghetti Western Games, which is a board game I Kickstarted back in March. I mostly pledged for it because CoolMiniOrNot was behind it, the same company behind Rivet Wars (an awesome war game for two players), so I didn’t know what I was getting, other then that there where cool chibi miniatures in it.

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In 2015 (aka next year) SpiderOak is dropping their prices! Which is a good thing for us who are concern with privacy.

The new prices are as following (and even cheaper if you opt-in for the yearly plan):

  • 30GB for $7
  • 1TB for $12
  • 5TB for $25

These prices will not be made “public” before some time next year, but with the pricing2015 promo code you can start the upload fun now!

For those of you that don’t know what SpiderOak stands for:

SpiderOak provides the ability to utilize cloud technologies while retaining that precious right we call privacy. Our ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy environment ensures only you can see your data. No one else can gain access. Not our staff. Not a government. This orientation makes it impossible for us to betray your trust.