Back from vacation

I’m back from Vietnam and back to work.

This time I didn’t take that many photos. Around 100, compared to the nearly 5000 last time I visited Vietnam. I did, however film a lot. I got more then 4 hours of GoPro film, so going to need some time to go through all of that. Hoping to split it up into three different films, one from my diving trip, one from motorcycle ride, and the last one from the whole trip with highlights.

So stay tuned, it is going to take a while. Hopefully I’ll upload the photos to Flickr tonight.

Theft and vacation

A couple of weeks ago someone (or something) broke into my storage room, and got away with my Wii collection and most of my Game Boy Advanced collection, pluss some other games, and my camping equipment. You can see the hole list over at Retro1. Which really sucks, as I was afraid that the insurance company wound not care that I had old/rare games in my collection, but luckily they wanted me to make a price list, and today they informed me that they accepted it and are return my all the money! So I’m super happy for that. So guess I’ll have to start over. We’ll see in the fall.

Tomorrow I leave for a two week vacation to Vietnam! Finally going to see my girl friend again, as she’s been working in Singapore the last six months. I am really looking forward to that. I also have a surprise coming up next week, so stay tuned.

So now I’m packing my bag, pondering if I should buy a new camera or not. Thinking about upgrading my four year old Lumix GF2, to a Lumix GF6. We’ll see tomorrow, don’t have much time before the plane leaves, as I was hoping to get some work done before I leave.

Other then that not that much has happened. I have bought new noise cancelling in-ear headphones. I went for the Bose Quiet Comfort 20, instead of the 15. Not sure why, but Internet said it was better, so time to find out!


SpiderOak promotional code

Since Ubuntu One close at the 31th of July I needed to find a new service to backup and synchronize my files. A lot of my friends use Dropbox or Google Drive, but both of these services only use one folder to sync, which is the opposite of what I want. I want to choose folders spread out on my computer, and sync them, like I could in Ubuntu One. And that is where SpiderOak comes in, as they offer the same functionality, but with more features (that I have not had time to look at yet). I’ve only be using it for a couple of days, but it looks promising. Also as long as I can sync two folder between my network of computers I’m happy.

So if your looking for a backup service (they also have a zero-knowledge policy, which is good) I would recommend to take a look at SpiderOak. The free version only give you 2 GB of storage, but with the promotional code “worldbackupday” you end up with 5 GB, which fits my need for now.


Another post at my developer blog post over at Fifth Floor Studio.

I got into Android development while I was playing a lot of Heroclix and was tired off dragging a rule book with me all the time. Heroclix Rules which is my main app with more then 30 000 downloads, is a collection of most of the rules, and I’ve updated the design once since the release back in December 2010.


I’m a big fan of Kickstarter, and a game I helped kickstart (called TinyKeep) tipped me about a game called TerraTech, featuring robot battles where you need to build, harvest, and control your own robot. First I thought it was something like Robot Arena, but it wasn’t, but it was something nearly better, or at least on the same line.

Check out the video below or download a alpha-demo over at IndieDB. To get it to run on Linux you need to use Ubuntu. It’s Unity.

Tag Story

I like to keep my random stuff and personal stuff seperated from my developer stuff. So that is why I have a different blog called Fifth Floor Studio, where I post about my project and code that I find interesting. It is not widely updated, but, sometimes. And now is one of those sometimes.

Head over to Fifth Floor Studio to read the latest post.

Tag Story has been listed on the sideboard for quiet some time, but nothing have been written about it. I’m not going into details about the project (as you can read more about it here or here), but in short it is a framework and an app to help people get out and interact with the world.