Week Summary

Hello again. Been away for a little vacation with my girlfriend at my family cabin. So that why you have gotten pre-made posts and no new updates. Now I’m back home and thought that I should make a little summary of what I could had posted about. Also I’m going to stay with my girlfriends house the next three weeks. Won’t be any changes in posting, but I just wanted to let you all know.

First some Soul Calibur news. There a new boss, which looks more like a boss than the last one. A bit tired of the energy field fighter. He looks very bad as and would be fun to play with! Here is also a video of the Soul Calibur stage for Darth Vader. Looks like we are visiting the Deathstar. There’s also a bunch of screenshots out there now!

We are also getting a new Loco Roco. That’s a good thing I think. Haven’t played the first one that much, but thinking about buying a PSP and try it out later this summer.

Sadly Activision haven’t given up the idea of a WW ll themed CoD.

Happily we got some new rumours about a sequel to Dead Rising, set to Las Vegas! That’s gotta be good!

I guess my girlfriend and I are getting two version of Fable 2, we are both really looking forward to it. And it will be cool with a little figurine!

Here’s four new Chrono Trigger screenshots!

Also we have a Max Payne trailer. Whats up with all the birds?

I love the type of animation they’ve used in the Mirror Edge trailer. It’s so cool! So want this game!

There’s also a new review with our favorite Yahtzee, this time it’s Lego Indiana Jones and the new Indy movie.

And lastly we have a new Quakeworld map, looks really good.