Pearl Munny

I’m done with another Munny customization. This time I only used pearls and glue. Used around four days, and most of the time went to picking out the pearls I needed from a big box of pearls. So take a look and tell me what you think. I’m not that happy with the face, it looks a bit creepy. We’ll see how my next turns out.

Pearl Munny Step 5d

Pearl Munny Step 5c

You can see the complete worklog over at my Flickr profile.

Harlequin Munny

I’ve finally done with my Harlequin Munny. It’s taken over a year. Not proud of the time, but now it’s done. Let’s celebrate that. Not sure what to say about. I’m really happy about how it ended. So without further words, take a look at the pictures and the youtube video and let me know what you think.


Tubbypawns wall painting

I’ve decorated my bedroom today. As I’m a big fan of I decided to paint two of my favourite characters/images right on my wall. IT was my brother who gave me the idea to just use a projector and draw the picture straight on the wall. Quite easy and fun way to do it. And I would be sure it was identical. So here are some pictures of the finished piece. It took me half day, and now I want to make some more. Thinking about making a cloud. I’ll keep you all updated. I’ve also sent an e-mail to the creator of  Tubbypaws, wonder what she thinks of it.

My Trials 360 Project (Finished)

As I mention on Thursday I’m gonna spray my Xbox 360 with the Trials 2 logo. Yesterday I tried two different methods to see which once the best. Ended up with the stencil one where I carved out the logo in carton and then spray it on. The first spray didn’t got that well as you will see in the gallery below, but I am going to make a better version of my stencil today. See if it will look better. May have to buy another type of spray can because I think this one drips to much. I’ll see. So hit the jump to see the gallery and the update.

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