Flash: Upgrade Complete

Upgrade Complete is a top down down scrolling plane shooter. Not special about the game-play, the trick/secret about this game is all the upgrades you can have! You can upgrade all your weapons and everything else in the game. The menu background, the sound, getting an achievement is an upgrade. Even getting the best graphic is an upgrade! There is also an secret upgrade that I won’t spoil for you what is, but you should check it out!

Other than all the cool upgrades the game is rather easy where you just have to shoot down spaceships that comes at you. The ones you don’t kill will just go past you and disappear and you will fail the level. Still, you get to keep the money and there is no life to loose. So just keep on trying and upgrade!

Check this fun game out at ArmorGames.com!

E3 is bringing some awesome games!

Had exam today, so haven’t been able to follow E3 all the time, but here is at least what I am most thank full for!

Awesome! One word, awesome! I’m booking my father cinema room for October!

Ooooh! Looks scary!

This can be fun! Hopefully they will also release LeChuck’s Revenge!

Sceptic to the 3D world. I want old school click and point!

Red Bugs Puzzle

The Redlynx team have made a new flash based game called Red Bugs Puzzle. It’s a basic puzzle game with a little twist where you can’t control your little bug that so want those raspberries. So your job is to move or remove blocks that’s in the way, but you have to be careful so you don’t crush him/her. In the demo there is 10 levels where you can try out your puzzle brain. Luckily there is some easy levels before the hard ones hit you in the face. As the you advance there is also beatles you have to watch out, they’ll eat you raspberries, flag or even the little cute bug! So be careful. Check it out over at miniclip.com! The full version cost $9.99 and include over 40 puzzle levels and special blocks and other features!

Chain Factor

Ever needed a game where you didn’t really needed to watch what you did, but still have fun? I think I maybe found it. Chain Factor is the name. All you do is drops some ball down a grip.

The Main Idea:
Whenever the number on a disc matches the size of the row or column that disc is in, it will disappear.

See if you can clear the board, or just try to survive as long as possible before filling the grid.

There is even three different modes too choose between. So have fun playing Chai Factor while doing something else. So hit the link and see how far you can make it without looking.

Orisinal.com Flash game collection

Orisinal.com is a flash game site collection by Ferry Halim. Don’t know anything really about him. Just that he is from Canada and enjoy flash. There is something cute and innocent about all his games. They are graphical very good and entertaining, but yet simple. With a touch of oriental and anime look they are worth trying. So I was planning on going through all fifty-nine games (till now) and write a little review about them.

So check out www.orisinal.com and find your favorite!

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As I was sitting here blogging while my girlfriend was making some Christmas cards, I found this cool flash game. The point with it is to use a white ball to knock black balls aways from the white mother ball. Kinda racist, why can’t black and white balls just interfere with each other. The world needs more mixture of balls! You can also start over from the same level if the mother-ball rolls out of her perfect white ring. There is also four different upgrades you can buy with your experience points when you complete a level. More speed to the ball, bigger ball, bigger white perfect ring and bigger mother-ball. Other qualities is the good music, but can get a bit repeatable if you have it in the background while you do other stuff than playing Zwingo. Is is also good to play with a mouse pad, which some games lack. Also every tenth level there is a boss! Knock that bad-ass black ball out before he kick your white mother-ball out!

Try it out at Kambo Games, Zwingo (the site saves your progress)!