Week Summary

Hello again. Been away for a little vacation with my girlfriend at my family cabin. So that why you have gotten pre-made posts and no new updates. Now I’m back home and thought that I should make a little summary of what I could had posted about. Also I’m going to stay with my girlfriends house the next three weeks. Won’t be any changes in posting, but I just wanted to let you all know.

First some Soul Calibur news. There a new boss, which looks more like a boss than the last one. A bit tired of the energy field fighter. He looks very bad as and would be fun to play with! Here is also a video of the Soul Calibur stage for Darth Vader. Looks like we are visiting the Deathstar. There’s also a bunch of screenshots out there now!

We are also getting a new Loco Roco. That’s a good thing I think. Haven’t played the first one that much, but thinking about buying a PSP and try it out later this summer.

Sadly Activision haven’t given up the idea of a WW ll themed CoD.

Happily we got some new rumours about a sequel to Dead Rising, set to Las Vegas! That’s gotta be good!

I guess my girlfriend and I are getting two version of Fable 2, we are both really looking forward to it. And it will be cool with a little figurine!

Here’s four new Chrono Trigger screenshots!

Also we have a Max Payne trailer. Whats up with all the birds?

I love the type of animation they’ve used in the Mirror Edge trailer. It’s so cool! So want this game!

There’s also a new review with our favorite Yahtzee, this time it’s Lego Indiana Jones and the new Indy movie.

And lastly we have a new Quakeworld map, looks really good.

World of Goo this summer

There is some news over at World of Goo, and what news. Read them here, or head over to 2DBoy.

World of Goo will be finished THIS SUMMER. 🙂 The precise release date depends on whenever our publishers think is best, offset by mysterious submission processes, humor translation, and floating point rounding rules. But here’s what I do know:

1. We got through ESRB with a rating the whole family can enjoy! Muahahaha.

2. We got a brave new 2D Boy Paul to help look for bugs, and make sure all the Goo tastes just right.

3. Everything is getting translated into 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German

4. There were some rumors, so just to confirm: Yes, the Wii version will have multiplayer co-op play in every single level. Additional players can join in or leave at any time. We have not tried (yet) on any child specimens, but I think this will be a very good mode for parents playing with offspring.

5. We submitted an early test submission to Nintendo so they can let us know ahead of time if we’re missing anything, spelling Nintendo wrong, etc.

6. We’ll likely be doing a final round of beta. I’ll post more about beta volunteering on the forum a bit later when the beta builds are ready.

Brought to you by the letter E!

My new mouse

Got me a new mouse today! A Dreamcast mouse. Straight from New Zealand. That’s a long trip for a little package. Thought I ordered from USA, but I was wrong by a half globe. I was pretty exited to see how it looked like, and I was mighty impressed of how good looking it was and how good it felt in my hand. Too bad I found out that it will probably not work on my Dreamcast as it was marked with “Will only work on NTSC U systems”. That’s a huge bummer, so want to try it out, but will test it later when I have some more time.