Killzone 3




The had Killzone 3 Helghast Edition on sale on Gamestop, since it’s so big I just “had” to buy it. Looks good in my home made shelf next to Driver. Tested the game today and it felt like an okey shooter. Didnt quite understand the story, but maybe iill get a grasp about it later. We’ll see.

I also bought some new shoes. They are nice! Finally a pair a shoes with no holes in them.

Spore Prototype

Spore is releasing one of their prototypes they’ve used to check out different aspect of the game. In this, called the Particleman, we can see how the gravity, star formations and other things work.

ParticleMan has the following elements:
Particles — point masses which interact with each other
Gravity Wells — fixed point masses which attract or repel particles(depending on magnitude, which can be negative), but do not move or change mass without user input
Particle Guns — sources that spit particles out at a given angle and velocity
Gravity Wells and Particle Guns may only be placed on the green grid in the z=0 plane.
The Iso Surface — an isosurface geometry object derived from the positions and masses (which act as field strengths) of the particles.

Check out for more info and download.

Diablo 3!

Finely Diablo 3 is announced! I’ve been playing both Diablo and Diablo II and been waiting for number 3 a couple of years now. Since I’ve been on my cabin with my girlfriend, I got home for an hour ago and just done reading about all the Diablo 3 news. It looks really well made and true to the Diablo series. Hit the jump to see more videos. And you better!

Also check out the official website!

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World of Goo this summer

There is some news over at World of Goo, and what news. Read them here, or head over to 2DBoy.

World of Goo will be finished THIS SUMMER. 🙂 The precise release date depends on whenever our publishers think is best, offset by mysterious submission processes, humor translation, and floating point rounding rules. But here’s what I do know:

1. We got through ESRB with a rating the whole family can enjoy! Muahahaha.

2. We got a brave new 2D Boy Paul to help look for bugs, and make sure all the Goo tastes just right.

3. Everything is getting translated into 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German

4. There were some rumors, so just to confirm: Yes, the Wii version will have multiplayer co-op play in every single level. Additional players can join in or leave at any time. We have not tried (yet) on any child specimens, but I think this will be a very good mode for parents playing with offspring.

5. We submitted an early test submission to Nintendo so they can let us know ahead of time if we’re missing anything, spelling Nintendo wrong, etc.

6. We’ll likely be doing a final round of beta. I’ll post more about beta volunteering on the forum a bit later when the beta builds are ready.

Brought to you by the letter E!

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Some of use have tried the original Crayon Physics where you could draw different squares to get the ball to the star, and then advance to next level. So it’s a very simple game. The deluxe version which is not done takes this to another level. Here you can draw whatever you want and the video (after the jump) shows a very promising and fun game. Which I’m looking forward to.

Some new features;

  • Greatly improved physics (you can draw what ever you want)
  • Huge number of new levels
  • Easy to use level editor

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