Back at school

I’m now back at school. Had a good night sleep in my own bed. Was so tired so went to bed right after eleven o’clock. Have a lot to catch up on. News, forums and school stuff, place the new products I got when I was away.

Just wanted to say that the education fair was fun. Think we manage to reach out to many interested young minds. Don’t have much to write right now, so post you all later!

Little snowy sunday

Went to the theater with the school yesterday. Was premier on “Panic behind the scenes”. Was quite fun. After that my girlfriend and I stayed for a couple hours in Bergen. She wanted to meet some old friends and eat pizza. Today nothing much has happened. Have packed, cause I’m going to be on a stand for my school. So will be gone for two days. Going to be quiet fun I think. Its always fun to be on a stand. Talk with people and convince them that Voss Folkhighschool is the best folkhighschool in Norway. So wish me luck!

I’m also done with ten review of Orisinal games. So was thinking to send an e-mail to Ferry Halim to tell him about my work. Se what he thinks.

Soul Calibur 4 movie

As the Soul Calibur fan I am, I’m really looking forward to this game. The grafik look excellent, and now that they have revealed the hidden characters. Even more joy and fun. How cool is it going to be to play Darth Vader (PS3) or Yoda (Xbox360) vs your favorite SC character? Lightsaber vs real weapon. “Fun fun fun” is my three words! So check out this video and start dreaming!

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Mii Chocolates

Since valentine is closing in, Paul Pape Designs have come up with some cute geeky Mii chocolates for you and your loved one. You can order either milk, white or dark chocolate of the standard male and female Mii’s. It all come in a fancy Wii-look-a-like box. They are only $14.95,- so be sure to order before the 12th February. That’s the last day to catch these cuties.