Norwegian Free Record shop bought

For those who don’t know this I’m from Norway, so any big news about something Norwegian is a big thing for me. So when I heard that Gamestop is buying Free Record Shop I fell a thrill! Little Norway getting big shops. Fun, hope we get better prices on our expensive games. Take the jump to read the complete post at kotaku.

“New” Theme

New wordpress was released today, so updated it and I also looked out the window. And I noticed that there’s nearly no snow anymore. So then I thought that maybe its time to change the theme layout. No more snowman’s and falling snow crystal. That’s why I changed to the default theme while I try to make my own. Guess it will take a week. Hopefully get parts up as I’m done with them. You’ll see. Not thinking big, just a nice banner and a really awesome layout, something flashing and of course music. Got to have music. You’ll see whats true and whats not 🙂

Back at Voss

Haven’t been much updating this months. Sorry for that. Just haven’t had that much to write about. Plus its been two vacations. Have been good with Easter vacation. Been to the worlds second largest computer party. The Gathering. So much fun, but I was food poisoned the two last day. Tears.

I have also refurnished my room. It looks really nice, and its fun to wake up in my “new” room. Looks so much better!