Sorry for the late post. As you probably know I’m with my brother. So we’ve been hanging out and I haven’t had time to post before now. We surfed for the first time today! That was quite fun! Was out for nearly five hours. As I never had done it before, I was really looking forward to it. Have seen it on TV and heard a lot. Found out quick that you really need some size on the waves to have some fun. Our waves where a bit to small so we couldn’t stand on the board for a long time, but it was fun and I’ve learned the basic. So I’m probably going to rent a bored next time I’m at the beach!

About my self

It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted about my life. Haven’t been that inspired to blog about it. Not that stuff don’t happen, but no flow in my personal blog brain. Only problem is that it do take a lot of time to write about myself. I’m to easy to distract. Always finding something cool on the net. Okay, not always cool, but yeah, I get occupied. Continue reading About my self

Trials 2 SE on Steam

Trials 2 SE have expanded to another area. The genius release system Steam is leading on with a new updating and key system. They have even reduced the amazing low prize to even lower prize, 9.99$. And if you buy it this weekend its one dollar cheaper! Woho! Hit the jump to see the special Steam updates/difference from the original version.

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Shaun White Snowboarding

First of I will start of to say that I took a long time before Shaun White got his own game. There haven’t been many good realistic snowboard games. The only three I can come up with is Amped 2 (which got ruined by childly Amped 3), 1080 for Nintendo64 and EXPN Pro Snowboarder. So I’m really looking forward to this game. Hopefully it will focus on the realistic part and not just kid around.

Check out pictures, a video and more info over at Kotaku. Also checkout TeamXbox info about the game. A lot of links to trailers and such.

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