It’s hard!

My life is so hard! As I’m moving next week I need to get myself a new TV. And there is so much to choose from. Too much. I have no idea what to pick. So it will be interesting to see what I end up with. I also found out that my computer is fixed. Good news! So hoping to get it back the next few days. My girlfriend also bought a new laptop. The Acer One with Linux. It’s so freaking cool! I want it too! At least I get to play with it. Cheers.

On the N+ news, I’ve given up for now to create my episode on the computer since the XBLA version is so much better, so I’ll wait for the N v1,5 to make them. I have some photos you can all look at while we sit and wait. Hit the jump to see them!

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Time goes by so fast!

I’ve been very little productive this week. I’m not done with the two N+ episodes, nearly done with one. Need some help from my girlfriend and she has been busy, so I blame here. I have though, posted a picture of the idea for the episode. Not the best picture, but you can probably see how hard it is.

Other news, I got my shoes yesterday. The look lovely! They are a bit strange to walk in, probably since they look a bit different in shape than my other shoes. Anyway some pictures after the jump. The on on the left is mine. I also love the boxes they came in. I also bought two new CD, Dream Theater – Falling into Infinity (have nearly all of them now!) and the new to Sigur Ròs, med sut i engrum vit spilum endalust (on englsih that means; With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly)

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Ups and downs

One of the best thing with having you own blog is finding up new post titles. Love it!

Over to the real things. My laptop broke down this Sunday. Sadly yes, so have to sent it in to Asus to get it fixed. So guess I will have it back sometimes next week. I think the video card is broken, because the screen is parted with bad picture.

The good thing is that I’m nearly done with my first N+ episode. Need to finish up the fourth level. So guess I’ll be done with that today, then I’ll start with a port to PC which everyone can download and play for them self.

N, Ned, N+ whatever you call it

Been away this weekend with my girlfriend. We’ve been relaxing at my cabin by the lake. Been cozy and we have had a great time. I’ve also been thinking of a new N+ level. As I’ve only made on level before, and that was a crazy hard one, this one was sadly following in the first once steps. So thought that maybe I should use the different parts of the level to make a episode. Isn’t that a clever idea? So will start with that after my girlfriend is done playing (we only have on TV). As I’m most familiar with N+ on the 360, I will make the episode there first and then, maybe later today, but probably tomorrow. Make the episode and the level on my PC for all of you to download. How fun isn’t that? You can also see my napkin drawing of the level after the jump.

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QExpo has opened!

QExpo is open now! So visit my booth or check out the other booths!

Been going through them now and there is three of them that stands out for my case at least. So you better check them out! The first one is a project about making a arcade (2d) version of quake. The video looks super awesome and I can’t wait till it will be released. The booth is here and you can see there video there of after the jump. Second one is another project about making a rpg I think, about quake and the maps. With swords, chat and clicking to kill! How fun isn’t that?! Last one is an mmorpg quake. Sounds promising and can be fun to see in real time in an distant future.

There more booths popping up as we speak. So don’t know how much I will be updating, but here is at least one more. Its another project with quake as theme but within the spirit of the old awesome game Mageslayer! Posted a video after the jump and a link to the booth here.

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Got my package today! Woho! Finally, but… Yes there is a but. My shoes weren’t there! Greedy Genius hadn’t shipped my shoes. So sent them and e-mail and they said they did it today! Total bummer, but at least it wasn’t DHL this time. Hit the jump to check out the clothes. I’ll post the links to the shoes when I get them.

I finish up my QExpo 2008 booth today to. Made a nice banner and fixed a forum that I need. So remember to check it out when it opens on Friday!

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Stuff happens

Stuff is happening this week. Started on school (University in Oslo). That was interesting. Was just a quick briefing and signing day. Classes don’t start before next week.

DHL didn’t deliver my package today either, but this time they didn’t even try to deliver it. So at least they stopped lying, for now.

I’m also setting up a QExpo 2008 booth for Norwegian Quakers. So check it out when the expo opens at Friday. Will probably post some links and stuff.

Sadly I haven’t had time to work on the new layout. Still all in my head. Need to spend time to my lovly girlfriend plus school started.

Peace out!

QExpo 15.08.2008

QuakeExpo is opening its virtual doors this Friday. I haven’t visited the expo before, so it’s going to be interesting. I’m also thinking about setting up a booth myself, to reach out to the Norwegian quake fans. We’ll see. “Anywho”, for those who don’t know what QExpo is, hit the jump to read a quote!
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DHL is lying

It’s true! They are lying to me, they said that the delivering guy have been at our house every day since Tuesday, but there is no note on the door or in the mail box. Plus, today they said the delivering guy was going to call me when he was getting near, but “nooo”. No phone call. So called them and they came up with the lame excuse that only a few of the drivers have a cellphone. So now they are promising me again that I will get it on Monday and they will call me this time. Wonder if they will keep their words. Or I will call them again for the fourth time and say “I want to speak to the boss!”. Can be fun. I’ll let you know!

Soul Calibur is in the house

Got home today and I bought Soul Calibur IV. It’s fun, haven’t played it for too long, but think it’s worth the money. Also it is a bit nice to be able to make your own character and make new outfits for the regular once. Made a cute white gear to Talim, but now she looks tired, and not the “I need some sleep tired”, but more like “I’ve been on the street” tired. He he, fun!

It’s a but easy on medium mode. When you play Story mode, but that’s okay. Makes it easier to get money and complete it with all the character’s. And the reason for that you want to do that, is because there is beautiful end movies for each and every character.

Will write some more about this game tomorrow, when I have more time to try out the other modes.