School is fun!

Kinda, at least. Been a bit busy with all the work so haven’t had time to work on the layout. So was thinking about maybe just put it out there with the minor bug. I don’t think it will bother people that much.

I also have bought Amped 3. Was on sale, so thought that I should give it a try. It’s easy achievements, that’s for sure. The story is lame, but it’s fun to play while we wait for the real snowboard games coming this winter.

Btw, check out this achievement generator over at I made this funny one *giggle*

Castle Crasher soundtrack

For those of you who love Castle Crasher, or at least the music head over to the Xbox forum where you can find links to most of the songs! It’s free and legal, can it get better?! I’ve already downed them all. Not so fan of the game, but I’ll give the music a second try.

Here are most of the songs from Castle Crashers that can be found on Newgrounds. They can also be downloaded straight from Newgrounds. If I am missing any songs, please post here and I’ll do the best I can to find what you need.

The hidden truth

I just found out the hidden truth about the washing machine, and I’m not talking about “how to make the dishes clean”, but the _real_ truth! Making the kitchen look clean. It’s that simple! Now that I’ve been living in my apartment without a washing machine with my girlfriend, the kitchen is the only area it is hard to keep clean. Only because we don’t have any place to hide away our dirty dishes.

Tada! is up and running! Well, not completely. Have some url problems, so need to use until that get fixed. Hopefully tomorrow! !It’s fixed! Now you can use as much as you want! “Anywho”, head over and sign up to join the fun! For they who don’t know what I’m talking about; is a community for everyone who loves to doodle (to draw or scribble (something) aimlessly). Here everyone can join and post their own doodle and write a short note about it. If you don’t have a doodle, you can look through the archive and comment on other peoples doodle. So have fun and keep up the doodling!

New layout is coming!

It’s really true! I’m nearly done with my new layout. Need some adjustment at the bottom. Can’t get the footer right. Something fishy there. So as soon as I fix that the new layout is hitting the website! How cool isn’t that?! I also have some futures I’m planning to add to the layout when I get time.

I also bought a new domain! So check out in the next 24 hours!

In good and in sickness

Today my girlfriend had her tonsil removed. So she is going through some pain. Problem eating and drinking. So it’s probably going to be a long night. Hopefully everything will go quick over and she will be back to healthier jumpy girlfriend.

I also have some good news. I’m getting my desktop computer tomorrow. So I’ll start posting some doodles on Sunday. Can’t wait! Thinking about putting up an easy wordpress blog under a standalone domain. Something like, we’ll see. Need to think about a clever name. There is a lot of site covering this subject out there. Just check out the wikipedia article. Maybe everyone can upload their doodles and it will be a big doodle community. That would be fun. Only time will tell. Hehe, “anywho”. Got my first css site up and running. Very easy one, was school assignment, you can check it out over at (it’s all in Norwegian).