It’s so boring to read, but I have to. So I’m just making a short post here. I bought Guitar Hero World Tour today, probably not the best idea to shop while studeing to an exam, but I just had to. They where selling it for 99kr (which is around 13$) when you traded in two games. And I had two old games that I couldn’t get rid of (Kameo and Table Tennis (didn’t want to trade that in, but had to( probably buying it again later))). So I’ve been testing it out a little bit and it’s super fun! Love the way the new guitar works. Especially the “frat” board or what ever it is called. Hit the jump for some pictures.

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Exams time

I have all of my exams next week. So I’m busy “studying”, but still have some time to update my two blogs. I’ve announced that I’m going to do a weekly update on my doodle blog. So mark every Tuesday in your calender, or joining my RSS feed.

And over to something funny. Check out these two Gears of War 2 flash movies. They are truly hillarious.

Gears of Awesome and COG’s of War. The last one have a lot of spoilers in it.

New Xbox Experience

Most of you probably now that the new Xbox Experience launched today. Hopefully everyone have tried it out. I have had it for some weeks now and already loving it. Found a website that let you post your avatar and gamertag picture. So wanted to show of mine. It doesnt look like me, but I like him.

Use this code for the avatar:
And this for the image:

PS: You can sue any gamertag you’d like.