It’s Friday and the weekend have just begun. I’m waiting for my best friend to come over, so I’m killing time cleaning up my place. And I think I need to vacuum tomorrow. There is huge dust-bunnies all over the place. They are taking over! Help…hehe.

I’ve also done a little shopping today. Thought it was time to buy some new boxer. A friend of mine once told me if I don’t remember last time I bought boxers, it’s time to buy some new ones. So I did, went for two black and light blue Bjørn Borg and one blue Bjørkvin boxers. Damn, they where expensive. Could bought a new game for the same prize. I also bought some socks. Always in need for that. 10 pairs of all black and 5 pairs of different colors. Wonder what I’ll shop next. I want a new belt. Maybe I’ll start looking for that…

Two Worlds Royal Edition

Bought a new game today. Wasn’t planned at all, but can’t skip a great deal. So I was just out to get me some new paint brushes, since I’ve started on a new wall painting. Will post some picture of it later this weeks. Going to look really good. So “anywho”, I thought that I should see if the local game shop would get Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad tomorrow, which they won’t since it, but next week he said! Yeah! So while I was looking at other games, I found this “Royal edition” of this game Two Worlds for 99kr (12$). And you can’t say no when it’s that cheap for a _”Royal edition”_ can you?!


Company is fun

Had two friends over for dinner today. Haven’t seen them for a long time so was good to catch up. One of them is getting married this weekend. How cool is that?! Other than that I have gotten my videos from Play.com. Yayh! Clueless, Final Fantasy Advent Children, An evening with Kevin Smith 1&2. Looking forward too watch them both. Still waiting for Silent Hill to come. That’s an amazing video game movie!

“Anywho”, don’t have much to say. I’m very soon done with my second Java task at school. Just need to write the document explaining all my methods. So enjoy another video until next time I post a blog. Got this in as a feed. A french animated short film. I don’t understand french at all, but still really enjoyed this short!

Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

Youtube, what to do without you?!

It’s true, youtube is one of the best way to kill time. There is tons of fun videos, and stuff you would never think to do. Just take a look at this alternative ending for one of my favorite movies; Garden State!


I also bought some cd’s today…
Kent – Tillbaka Till Samtiden
Kent – Du & Jag Döden
Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
Antony and the Johnsons – The Crying Light
Andrew Bird – Noble Beast
Bloc Party – Intimacy
Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Bloc Party is also having a concert this Monday which I have tickets for! Looking really forward to that, going to be “tah bomb”.

Late up and gaming

Sleepy…Think I have something to say, but I also think I have forgot it. That’s fun…not. Yesterday, I had planned out an post about what I have done this week, but now I can’t remember a thing. Well, not completely true. I did got an invite to join the Quake Live beta (which is Quake played through a browsers), which I also tried out yesterday, but wasn’t that fun. Maybe because I don’t really feel like playing on my laptop. I’m a 360 boy now. The only games I play on my Asus is indie games! Other than that I’ve order some new movies from Play.com. Great site with great prices. They even ship them for free! That’s nice!

Not sure if I told you all that I manage to get the ram expander to my Nintendo DS to work, but I did. Took some googling, and now it works like a charm. I can even use the Opera browsers to surf the net in classes!

“Anywo”, don’t think I have much more to say. I’m having a friend sleeping over tonight. Thats fun!

Imogen Heap – Goodnight and Go

A beautiful song with cute lyrics. Enjoy! Also check out here Youtube channels. Here new album is going to be cool! Also check out more videos on her MySpace space. (video is after the lyrics)


Say goodnight and go

Skipping beats, flashing jeeps
I am struggling
Daydreaming, been sitting, the corner cafe
And I’m left in bits, recovered tectonic, trembling
You get me everytime

Why’d you have to be so cute
It’s impossible to ignore you
Must you make me laugh so much
It’s bad enough we get along so well
Say goodnight and go

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Hello everyone

The poll ended yesterday and the vote ended at 5 to “Kyrremann.com” and 5 to “No need…”, so it’s a tie. I guess the world isn’t ready for yet another site from me. It’s also no biggie that I don’t need to get another domain, as I don’t have much time to build a new site. Maybe I’ll try again this summer…

I also got my package from Hong Kong today! Woho! Was really looking forward to try out the extra ram which goes into the GBA slot on my NDS, but no. The slot 2 device I bought only works on certain cards, which mine is not. So now I’m thinking about either buying a new card or just sell the extra ram. Not sure yet. “Anywho”, if you’d like to see some pictures of them hit the read more. You will also see my paper craft “Balrog” (from Cave Story)!

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