Java is fun!

I’m working on my first GUI task, which I have to hand in by Friday. I’m soon done, so thought I should share some pictures of the layout with you people. Not completely satisfy about how it look, but hoping to have time to change it to something better looking. I’m also hoping to implement hot keys, but not sure how to do that.

So what do you think?

YogiTea of the day: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

It’s getting late!

I need to start writing my blog post earlier, because I’m to tired to write any decent when it get this late. So sorry about that. I should write when I get home from school. Guess that would work so much better! “Anywho”, it was good with a vacation. Was wonderful weather, and I got to see my cousin. It’s been to long since last time!

I also got a package from Japan on Friday. Was some Sega stuff I won on ebay. Was looking for some controllers to my Dreamcast, which I got and some other stuff. Take a look…

Retro is dangerous

Bought some new stuff to my collection today. Not sure why, but ended up with a Laser 200 Personal Color Computer. Which is a old computer from 1983. That’s four years before I was born. Hooked it up to my TV (as it didn’t have it own monitor) and since I don’t have a cassette player I could only program my own games in Basic. Other than that it looks kinda cool, probably nothing to brag about to the chicks. I’ve also got my hands on a NES and a Game Boy. Check out some footage after the jump. My brother is buying the NES and maybe the Game Boy, so I won’t keep them for a long time. So they will not be added to my retro collection.

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Fun with ligths!

Sorry for no post yesterday. Was home for around 30 minutes. Didn’t even have time to make a post for Doing that later tonight.

“Anywho”, I’ve uploaded the test footage. My brother is working on making a short movie of the footage we took this night. Wasn’t home before two o’clock, and we only ended up with around four second of footage. So I guess you need a lot of time an patient to make a full length one. Hehe…

Heap, leap, it’s a bit steep

I just watched the latest Imogen Heap blogcast. The new album (when ever it comes out) is going to be good! Reminds me to buy the other albums. It’s a shame.

“Anywho”, I was at a Ten Sing concert tonight. It was fun. Was with a friend, I didn’t know anyone there, but she did. The cool thing is that they mixed singing with acting. Typical Ten Sing.

I also at work with my brother today. We are working out some ideas to show at a stand. Pika Pika is a clue about what we are doing. Maybe I’ll have some pictures og clips on Monday to show. Doing the shooting tomorrow night…

Other than that I bought some new stuff; Fancy white Shade glasses, Rez (PS2), and leggings (since I’m going skiing tomorrow). I also received a package today, four Nintendo 64 games; 1080, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Mission Impossible and Top Gear Overdrive (boxed!).

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