Zune HD, what you need to know?!

So, we’re getting a new Zune this fall! A HD Zune, how cool is that going to be?! There is already a lot of picture and a video of this super awesome MP3 player. We’re finally also getting a browser to search the web with! Sweet! Can’t wait. Too bad it won’t be released in Norway. So need to get in touch with my foreign friends. I want a silver one!

“Anywho”, here are some links you have to check out, and a must see video!

– Zune.net: Portable Perfection
– Gizmodo: The Mystery of the Zune HD
– Gizmodo: Zune HD Hands On: Photos and Video Tour
– Wikipedia: Zune HD

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Been out the whole day! Started off early with golf, and then went to the park. And I’ve learned my lesson about not using sun lotion. My body hurts! “Anywho”, going to sleep now. So aiming on posting something interesting tomorrow! You’ll see, hehe.

PS: Check out this awesome Redlynx offer! Cool clock (prototype?). Also check out this game, Netstorm…

Here is also some stuff I need to read, and maybe you too?!

Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide: Every Error Explained

Giz Explains: What’s So Great About LED-Backlit LCDs

I feel a little bit better…

Been to work, and I’m going to work tomorrow too. No fun in having two jobs, and studying. Taking up all of my time, but only two more weeks of school and I’m done for this semester. Woho! Until then I guess I just have to handle the stress. At least I get some money and a education. Can I really ask for anything more?!

Bought some new games today, looking forward to try them out after exam. Will probably start earlier as I’m no good at waiting. Too bad two of them looks like they are in a different language then I can speak. Spanish and french I think.

Doshin the Giant, Evolution worlds, Winnie the Pooh, Spyro Enter the Dragonfly, Spyro A Hero’s Tail and WaveRacer Blue Storm.

Going to add them to my collection on Saturday or Sunday. Have also more to blog about, but I’m getting to tired and have to get up early (at least if you compare it to the other days). So off to bed I am. Blog you tomorrow or Saturday! Have a nice weekend!

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CollegeHumor.com is stealing my time

So I’m at my parents place today, because I’m visiting a friend which live close by. As you all now I have to exams next week, and I’m trying to study as much as I can. Trying! Today hasn’t been my day. It started with my borrowing my fathers computer to check my e-mail, then I had to check a forum. And suddenly I’ve used two hours watching videos on collegehumor.com! Damn, it’s been fun, but I need to read. “Anywho”, thought I could post some of them, not maybe the best, but funny once. Enjoy! I’m going back to reading!

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BC:Rearmed sale!

The deal of the week for people with gold membership for Xbox Live gets BC:Rearmed for only 400 Microsoft points! That’s a nice price if you ask me. I tried it when it first came out, but didn’t fancy it so much that I wanted to spend 800 points, but now that it’s down to 400. I’m sealing the deal! Looking forward to try it out when all my exams are done. You should also get it, so we can play multi player. Up to four players at once! That’s a lot of swinging men…

I’m tired!

I played 18 hole yesterday for the very first time. It was fun, but also very exhausting both physical and psychic. So the second round didn’t go that well, and my brother started joking on the last two holes. So it didn’t go that well. I even gave up on the last hole. Which is very short, but I missed on two balls, so it’s okay. At least I think so.

So that was yesterday, and today is today. I’m cutting my hair tomorrow, was very close too doing it today, but I had my last class to go to. So asked to get an appointment tomorrow. So ten o’clock my life’s change, a bit at least. Other then that, nothing much happened. Been printing out notes that I will bring to my exam. Need to sort them out and color them (so it will be easier to see what’s important and not). Not very fun, but one more week and I’m nearly done! Yay!

Squash soon, that will be fun! Need to buy some new training shoes, but since I bought some awesome FootJoy golf shoes yesterday, I think I have to wait another month before I can afford new squash shoes.

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