Polaroid pictures

Last week i found some cool polaroid pictures on an French server I think. I was original just looking for the polaroid frame (I’m making a banner for a project), but I saw this cute girl and I follow her and found an open server with a lot of different types of files on it. Have only checked out the pictures, and ended up wanting to show you all what I’ve discovered. So here they are.

Here is the server adress: http://nokipowlonski.free.fr

YogiTea of the day: Be proud of who you are.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-27

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Fixing my broken Zune

Last night my screen lock on the Zune suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t put my Zune in locked my. As it was late last night, I didn’t care to look much on it, and I also didn’t have time to check it out before I went to work. So I goggeled the problem at work and tried to find some easy way to fix it. That was hard than I thought. It didn’t look like this was a common problem. Which is kinda a good thing. “Anywho”, I read somewhere that one person had found out that his lock screen button was pushed too far down, so I thought maybe that was my problem too. It was not. And when I got home I found out that the lock button was very loose, and after one attempt to remove it with I knife, I found out that a little piece under neath it, was broken off. Hence the problem with getting the locking mechanism to work when I slided it back and forth. Luckily, all I had to do, was to turn the button 180 degrees and put it back. And know it works like before! Hurray!

Jónsi & Alex – Riceboy


Yesterday I ordered the Special Edition Box of Jónsi & and Alex first album. First I thought I had to wait until August to listen to it, but they provided me with a downloadable version of the album. So I’ve been listening to it with my new girlfriend. And we really like it. It’s as some Norwegian newspapers have stated a bit ambient, but I like it that way. It just float in the background kinda like another furniture. So if you like Sigur Rós or just a fun of ambient, check out www.jonsiandalex.com and maybe you’ll end up buying the album which I did!

Trials competion!

And yet it moves competition!

The nice guys Broken rules send us 9 keys for And Yet It Moves! (http://www.andyetitmoves.net) So its time to set up small competition and give them to you guys.

Idea is to make Trials 2 SE image using the same art style as And Yet It Moves has. You don’t have to have mad Photoshop skills. Just make the screen fun&entertaining. Be creative. Post your shot in this thread.

Best 9 screenies will win the copy of And Yet It Moves!

Winner will be announced in this thread 3rd of August.

Have fun!

Check out the thread here…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-20

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