Immutability, my super power

Been reading Descartes today, about “The Principal of Material Things”. It was a good read, and I learned a new word, immutability (click the read more for the wikipedia article). Which means something like God cannot change. Then I thought to my self how cool it would be to have a kind of immutability as a super power. With a kind of immutability,  I mean that I would be free from change (not God), this would trump powers like immortality and regenerative healing. Since both let your body change and probably become old and useless. That’s especially the case with immortality, since you only power is to live for ever. Though, this could be fixed with adding more power. Still with several power slots available I would choose immutability as my main power.

So what would be your super powers?

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Lonely night…

Tonight I’ve been with a good friend from school, his girlfriend, and two other couples. It felt a bit strange being the only single in the group. YEah, forgot to tell, we where at the student cinema called Cinemaneuf. They showed three preview movies in a row. Three good movies, one Finnish called “love madness”, Nowhere boy (which is about the childhood of John Lennon) and last an animation from Australia I think called Mary og Max. One funny thing was that every time one of the movies where done, the people next to me turned away from me, since I was kinda in the middle and started talking to their boy/girlfriends. Kinda funny. I also saw a lot of couples on the subway on my way home. I miss to a someone to be with.

Ohh…I also got a letter from a special friend, looking forward to opening it and read it. So good night all!

So what have I been up too

I started school last week, so the last week have been quiet hectic. As one of my new years resolutions is to read more of the curriculum, I’ve been busy reading. I even started a week in advance! That’s never happen before, sadly I read the wrong chapters. I started at the beginning of the book, but class started in the middle. Now you might be wondering what kind of class I’m talking about. This year I take “Introduction to metaphysics and the philosophy of consciousness”, “Functional programming” (which is about Scheme) and “Computational linguistics” (which is about common LISP). It was the philosophy class I started reading in advance, it’s really interesting.

Other then that I’ve started school I’ve been meeting new people, that’s always fun and interesting. I’ve also meet some old friends, one which  have been in China for the last semester. So it was really nice to meet her again. She had done something wonderful with her hair. So now she looks really cute.

So about now post Saturday and Sunday. Sorry about that. I’ve been away to my cabin with my brother, his wife and her sister. I originally hoped to chill out and read a lot about metaphysics and read the hundred page from ”Der Zauberberg” (The Magic Mountain) by Thomas Mann, but no. Didn’t get to read before Sunday, but it’s my fault. We had such a good time that I didn’t want to be boring and read. I’ve also found out that I’m not going to finish “Der Zauberberg”, it’s too boring. I also tried a new board game called “Mexican Train”, that was a lot of fun. So I’m putting it on my “to buy list”.

Not sure how often I will get to blog this week, but hopefully every day. At least I’ll post a video. Bye…