Taco salad

I’ve made my long lost taco salad for dinner tonight. It was superb, could maybe have some more sauce. If you want to make it yourself, here’s what you need. Then you just follow my pictures and try it out. The main idea is to mix it all together. Take a double portion and eat the first portion as a salad, and then you pack the rest in the griddle cake (?).

griddle cake (?)

Content-aware filler


Sorry for the lack of update, been a bit busy, and I’m leaving for the mountain tomorrow. Won’t be back before Tuesday. So not sure if I will be able to fix any update then. Again sorry. Hopefully I will make up for it later next week. Have fun this weekend. Bye…


Followed some links today, and ended up at a blog showing off some awesome unpublished “hidden” Rez artwork. For those who doesn’t know what Rez is, either see this or imagine a game with pulsating lasers and light with awesome trance music.

You could also check out this website dedicated to Rez when it first came out.

– Via tinycartridge.com (Source: easternmind)