Thursday = boardgames night

The last two Thursday I’ve been visiting my local fantasy store Outland to play boardgames with known and unknown people. Today was Thursday. So I’ve been playing boardgames from around half past three to half past eight. It’s been  mostly Magic, but I tried three new fun games, one was about removing wood bricks from a balancing plate, second was Guillotine, and third was about taking a stick before the one you challenged (plus something more that I won’t explain). Other then that I haven’t done much, I was at work. I also played with soft swords today, check out the awesome pictures over at my friend Christinas blog.

I’ve also added some more hipster photos to my Flickr page, and a new stencil I found right where I live.

Here is also an update about my vinyl projects. I’ve also started another not vinyl project, but more about that on Saturday. There is also a picture of my Lego Series 1 collection. I soon have all of them! Plus two pictures of a fun hamburger I made.

Picture time!

I forgot to tell you all what I got from my girlfriend as a birthday present. A Xbox 360 S! How cool isn’t that?! There is a small story of how I ended up with that. As some may know, my birthday is the 9th. So when we got home from my cabin, I got a medium sized gift-wrapped box which I could open before next Sunday. How boring isn’t that? So I had to wait, finally night of Sunday I was allowed to open it. As I had no idea what it was, I was quiet shocked that it was two bags of 1-2-3 cake. Then she laughed and handed my another gift. I tried to shake it a bit, and I guessed that it maybe was Lego (that would be so much better then what I got). It wasn’t, it was confectionery, which is my idea of a booooring gift. Luckily this is an intern joke, so she laughed again and went to get a big present! I had no idea what is was before I opened it, and I was speechless. One of best present I’ve ever received.

Here some pictures I took of it after I put it up. It got dusty real quick. There is also some pictures of my bottle/can collection.

Guess what happend yesterday…

Was out buying some on-sale pizza with my girlfriend, and I thought to my self, why not buy some soda. So I did, got a big bottle of Schweppes Grape. It’s a long time since I bought that. When we get outside I hand my girlfriend the sodas and two pizzas, since I had to unlock my bike. One second it was on the ground. She manage to drop it, so half of the soda ran out of a hole in the bottom. So now I had to carry the bottle upside down till we got home, then I poured the rest of the soda into two big glasses without spilling it out. Hassle…

Pearl Munny

I’m done with another Munny customization. This time I only used pearls and glue. Used around four days, and most of the time went to picking out the pearls I needed from a big box of pearls. So take a look and tell me what you think. I’m not that happy with the face, it looks a bit creepy. We’ll see how my next turns out.

Pearl Munny Step 5d

Pearl Munny Step 5c

You can see the complete worklog over at my Flickr profile.