Blog post number 1000!

This is what Wikipedia have to say about the number 1000. So it finally came (and tomorrow it will be gone). Post number 1000. Never thought it will go this fast. As it’s just over a year a go since I’ve hit the 500th post (Aug 11, 2009 @ 23:10). Thats 383 days, or one year and eighteen days if you like. Also 33,091,200 seconds, 551,520 minutes, 9192 hours or 54 weeks (rounded down). Numbers are fun. If you have read the 500th post I found out that I’ve been writing 0,82 post a day since I started this blog, and now I’m up to 0.991! Nearly a post a day. If I keep this up I’ll hit the “magic” one post a day mark very soon. Let’s see when this blog celebrate three years this December. Can I reach it? I also talked about some goals or things that I was going to fix, and I see that I made all of them, but one come true. That’s not bad. So guess my next goal is to get a new banner/logo and a new theme. As last time, I’m going to have a cake party. My apartment next next Sunday. Thats 12th September. Be there or be Be there. Will get back to the excat tim

Back to school

A new school semester have started. Only one more after this one before I’m done with my bachelor. This year I’m taking two philosopher courses and one Algorithms and data structures course. So going to be a interesting semester. A lot of reading and less programming. Other then school I’m working on different projects, Spoonster figure, one-piece and some other vinyl project. We’ll see which ones who will be finished this year. This is also my 999th post, so next one will be a number and facts post. Thinks that’s all I’ve got to write this time. I don’t feel that much for blogging. Good thing that I’ve arranged a little vinyl week next week. So come back then.

YogiTea of the day: The beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul.

Back from Berlin

As you may have noticed, I’m back from Berlin. Sadly I didn’t manage to blog from there (the wifi was troublesome), so hope you enjoyed the song “contest”. We had a great time in Berlin, as we visited Charlottenburg, Gärten der Welt, Lego Discovery Center and a lot of cool shops. It wasn’t really hot, around 23 degrees Celsius. We also ate at some good resturants, a vietnamese one called Chi Sing and a café that served breakfast the whole day. Guess it’s easier for you to see what we’ve done, then me to tell you. So head over to Flickr!

I also bought some stuff. You can see that underneath.

32 to 33/52 – Name in Berlin!


32a/52 – At the train station Name loved the two story trains.


32ba/52 – Shark attack Second day in our trip we visited Lego Discovery Center.

32bb/52 - Lion's mouth

32bb/52 – Lion’s mouth Second day in our trip we visited Lego Discovery Center.

33a/52 - Friendly Buddha

33a/52 – Friendly Buddha Outside an Asian restaurant we saw this Buddha statue. Name wanted a picture with it.


33ba/52 – Fountain We found a fun little fountain that Name bathed in.


33bb/52 – Fountain We found a fun little fountain that Name bathed in.


33bc/52 – Fountain We found a fun little fountain that Name bathed in.


33c/52 – Next to another project A friend of mine started a little project on her own. Taking pictures with small playing pieces. Name wanted to be in one of the pictures.