Merry Christmas everyone!

Here comes a late “I wish you a Merry Christmas”. Been a little bit busy day. First I needed to head back to my apartment to pick up some stuff that I had forgotten. Then my brother and I had to pick up my grandparents which is an 90 minute drive. After that it was the regualre scheduale. Porridge, church, then dinner and desert. With presents following by cake! It’s been a great day! And I’ve gotten a lot of lovely stuff. Got two books (by Murakami) which I can’t wait to get started on. Hope everyone have had as nice Christmas as I.

Christmas break!

I’m finally done with my last exam and I feels great. I will try to be better at bloging, but since it’s Christmas and I’m going to be busy chilling and being with family. So might be wondering what I’ve been up to the last month, since I haven’t written anything about my life. I’ve been mostly busy with studying for my exams and playing WoW: Cataclysm. As you may remember, I started playing again. And it’s really fun. There has also been some Heroclixing. Yesterday there was a huge tournament, and it was super fun. won’t be any more playing before the new year I guess.

My android app is going good. There has been over 200 downloads, and now that I’m done with school. I’m going to add some more features before I try to make an similar app for Windows mobile 7. Looking forward to that. That’s all for now. Blog you later.