My first arduino project

Sorry all, I totally forgot to embed my new youtube video on my blog. Shame on me. I made it last week, and it’s about my first arduino project. Nothing fancy, but hey. Gotta start somewhere. Arduino is so much fun, but don’t have much time other then doing the assignment. I’ll let you know when I get around to work on something else.

“The Bloody Fish” – a short film

【血魚 The Bloody Fish】short film from D1 PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

Presented by D1 Production. A story about a guy decides to make his love one a special dish, by creating a unique recipe of his own using a cat fish. Will it be a surprise? Or is the idea unique enough?

Directed by Dick Chua.

一个独特的想法, 一道独创的食谱。
是偶然, 还是必然?

一部由马来西亚 D1 PRODUCTION 制作的短片, 由DICK CHUA执导,

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