In Vietnam I am

We’ve been in Vietnam for nine days now, and it’s been wonderful. So it’s time to blog a bit. We landed in Ho Chi Minh City where we visited my girlfriend’s aunt and grandfather. We also met some of her cousins who took us on a trip around town. HCMC is a huge city! After some days we went to Nha Trang which is a small thrust city at the sea. Our hotel Ha Van was beautiful and made the town even better. We went on all sort of tourist attractions. Snorkeling (where I ended up getting a bad sunburn), mini golf (not so good, but it’s maybe the only one in Vietnam), massage (twice), mud bath (fantastic, with warm mineral bath), and we went shopping in the new fancy shopping center. After Nha Trang it was time to visit some more family and we took the sleeping buss to Quang Ngai. Here we are staying at hotel Central since her grandmothers house didn’t have any air con. Was too hot for us. It’s not much to do in Quang Ngai for tourists, but we’ve been spending most of the time with her family. And here we are, “up to date”. Now we’re just relaxing at our room since we have been at my girlfriend uncle farm. Tomorrow we’re heading up to the mountain to visit another uncle. She has a big family. Will upload some photo’s to Flickr when I get some more time.


As you may understand from the topic and form the picture, I’m leaving for Vietnam this summer. And by this summer, I mean tomorrow! How cool is that. I’ll be away ¬†for four weeks, so no normal bloging before I’m back the 20th of July. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog some while I’m down there. My girlfriend and I bought an SD-card to Ipad adapter, so that we can upload some of the many pictures we take.

We are landing in Ho Chi Minh City, and from the we’re travelling to Nha Trang, Hoi An and then up to Ha Noi, where we will visit the beautiful Ha Long Bay and spend some days on a cruise. Much like the image at the top. Got any tips about what we should see and experience? Let me know.

PSN is up

PSN finally got back on it’s feet and is now up and running. So that means if you had an account made before 21 april, you can get your free games on! As I mention earlier I would go for Infamous and¬†Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty. Haven’t tried the last one, but downloaded and installed (which took some hours) last night and it rocks! Sadly I have an exam to read for, so can’t play that much. Infamous is an sandbox-styled game where you can run around much like in Mirror Edge (just not first-person) and use every ledge as a spring board to something that is higher up. Other then that there are lightning attacks and a karma system which work something like this: “do something hard (good) or just kill a bunch of people (evil)”. So it’s not that much of karma system, then a “how good are you system”. I’m working on the good side. One sad thing with Infamous is the lack of multi-player. So no running around and jumping with your homies.