Guess what…

I got my self a Galaxy Tab! I ordered from the states (United States of America) a couple a weeks ago and it arrived this Friday. So it’s been a wonderful and fun weekend testing out my new gadget. I can first say that I really enjoy it and it works like a charm! Had some problem recharging it since the plug that followed doesn’t fit in the Norwegian plugs. Plus when I tried to hook it to my computer or to use an USB plug it didn’t charge very well if I didn’t turn the device completly off, which kinda sucks. So after some googling I found a way to modify the cable, so now it works! Go me and me DIY skills. I will say that the Galaxy Tab is a true Ipad killer, we just need more Android apps scaled to fit the big screen. I will start working on upgrading my own app to fit this fall (read more about my Android project over at Fifth Floor Studio). I also got some DVD’s and two games in the mail too. Sadly two of them was sone 1 region, which I forgot to check. So can’t use them. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell them to someone who can. The one game who worked was Afrika, which wasn’t as cool as I’d hope. The graphic wasn’t really up to date (even thought it was released in 2009). So I’m probably not going to play through that.

Other then that mail, I’ve been really busy with a school project called Loopy Tangible, which is a music machine aimed at kids. We’re going to show it off at my university this Friday when it turns 200 years. Really looking forward to that.

Also, sorry for the long delay with bloging. I’ll try to be better.

About my shelfs

I went to Ikea yesterday to buy new shelfs for my wall. I had check their site on Monday to see if they still where in, but when I arrived yesterday they where all out! Which sucks, and I have to wait nearly 7 weeks before they’ll restock. So now I’m not quite sure what to do. Maybe build my own shelf. Have checked out some prices, and it’s not that expensive. We’ll see…

What have I’ve been playing…

Every summer plenty of developers and stores have sales, so as every summer I end up getting some new games. Even when I’m away for vacation I’ll buy games. This time I needed help from a friend to buy Magicka Complete Pack from Steam. And I’m glad I took the trouble to contact my good friend. Magicka is one of the best games I’ve played this year! If your only getting one game this year, Magicka should probably be it. So obviously I’ve played a lot of Magicka, but I haven’t tried solo play yet. Only with my friend, but it was hilarious. The first hour went to practicing the spells and not killing each other. It’s hard when you can make so much funny spells.

I also got my hands on Infamous 2 (birthday gift), which is a great sequel to  Infamous. The graphic is very nice and polished. The game play is even better and you have new and more moves/action to perform. Sadly no flying mode, but where getting there. also had a sale so ended up getting Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. A beautiful game which looks a bit like Shadow of the Colossus. The music is also very nice. It’s not a very long game. I completed it yesterday and it took my around thirteen hours, and I did some collection of chest and such. So I guess a quick run would go for around ten. Still a few hours longer then what Mirror’s Edge take to complete (around seven if I remember correctly).

That’s not all the games I got this summer. I bought Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2) and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS). I thought the DS game was the one who came to the PSP, but that was Birth by Sleep. So guess I need to get that one too. I’ve always wanted to try out the Kingdom Hearts series, as I’ve heard a lot about it. So instead of starting on number two I ended up buying Kingdom Hearts (the first) from Ebay. So wanting for that to arrive in the mail.  I also bought some old Xbox 360 games which where on sale. Pure which I’ve had and played before, Rainbow Six Vegas, Kinect Adventure and Guitar Hero 5. As I don’t own a Kinect myself I had to borrow one from my friend to try out Kinect Adventure. Sadly Kinect doesn’t really work that well in my living room since my couch is to big to be moved (or my room is to small, you can decide).

Rainbow Six Vegas came out in 2006 and the years haven’t been good to it, but the game play works really well. So when I’m done with it I’ll definitely buy the sequel. Pure is still cool and it still lacks the split screen which would make this game extremely fun to play. The same problem as the newer Nail’d. No split-screen really makes a game go from must have to, get when I find it real cheap.

Last but not least I bought Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Rollercoaster Tycoon from Haven’t had time to try them out yet, but played both of them before so I know what I get. Rollercoaster Tycon is maybe the best Tycoon game ever made (it’s maybe even beating Transport Tycoon Deluxe).

That’s most of the game I’ve tried and bought the last couple of weeks. It’s nice with a summer vacation. I’m also waiting for Fear 2 coming in the mail. There where a sale on and I had a coupon, so I got it for free. Can’t beat that!

The last two weeks

As I said yesterday I’ve been home for over two weeks. Right after we got home we went to my cabin (at the lake) and did some painting inside with my brothers. The same day a bomb went of in Oslo and there where a massive massacre at Utøya. I guess you’ve all heard about it (read more at NRK). My condolence goes out to everyone who where by these two incidents.

The week after, on Thursday, my best friend came to visit and we spent the next five days just chilling in my apartment. He bought Infamous 2 as my birthday gift and we beat that game by Sunday and we also played a lot of Magicka (great game). This week I’ve been mostly working on another Heroclix app, and I’ve started working how to renovate my living room. I’ve decided to go for buying Ikea shelfes and covering one of the two walls that need to be reovated. Check out the image at the bottom. Going to be sweet with all the shelf space. I also thorn down some of the wallpaper to see if it was loose, and it was looser then I would have guess. Some of the plaster even gave after. So that put me on another idea, what about revealing the old brick wall underneath? Not a good idea. It took me 30 minutes to tear down the little space over the door and several hours to clean up the dusty mess after. And the result wasn’t very nice. The brick wall wasn’t that good looking. At least that was I think. I sent a photo to my friend and he think it would be cool, I just need to clean it. So we’ll see what I’ll end up doing.

Other then that I haven’t done much, I played some Heroclix of course. There was a new set that had arrived (Captain America), and I won the first sealed tournament. Go me! I also used some days to really clean my apartment. Dusted the whole place plus I cleaned my windows. Hadn’t done that since I moved in, so needed to change the water for every window. It turned black, but now I can finally see out.

I already have the TV-bench.

Back from Vietnam and some

I got home from Vietnam over two weeks ago, but I’ve been relaxing and totally forgot to blog. Sorry for that. So I’ll try to catch up now. I’m thinking about dividing up the posts and spread the information about my life over a few days. Today I’ll tell you about the last twenty days in Vietnam, tomorrow there will be some about what I’ve done in Norway, and then the last one will be about some new games I’ve bought and played.

Where was I, yes in Quang Ngai where we visited my girlfriend’s family. Quang Ngai was a nice place where I think I was the only western tourist there. After Quang Ngai we took a local bus to Hoi An, which is famous for it’s many tailors and the beautiful old town. So we (or at least I) made a lot of clothes there. It’s so cheap compared to Norway, even thought we went for one of the more expensive tailors. I made a beautiful three piece suits and got some shirt made, plus I also got some leather shoes made. In a nearby shop where I got my leather shoes made I saw some cool sneakers, so I asked to get a copy of those, but they ended up terrible. Didn’t get my money back but at least I could switch it to the originals.

After Hoi An we took a new bus to Hue. Hue is an old town with a big citadel covering half of the city. At least thats what it looks like. We only spent one night there, but we managed to see most of the important stuff. I even so something that looked like a go kart track, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to check it out. Next time. Continue reading Back from Vietnam and some