Shopping spree! (with images)

I’ve been buying a lot of games lately. Just forgot to post about it. Last was a little shopping spree I was having at my local Gamestop. They are selling out a bunch of Limited/Collectors Editions of different games. Some really good deals.

So ended up with this:

– Gears of War Epic Edition
– Dj Hero x2
– Splinter Cell Convivtion Limited Collectors Edition
– Arcania Gothic 4
– Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition

There was some more games they had that I’m tempted too buy, Continue reading Shopping spree! (with images)


It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a flash game, that was until I found out about Poleriders! It’s may be as strange as the name is, but it’s not about what you find when you try to Google “pole” and “riders” (as a friend of mine did when I said he had to check it out). This game is about the sport pole vault, except it’s two player and you need to kick a bomb to blow up the other players castle! So get a friend over and start vaulting that bomb, but beware, if you land/kick another persons head, they die (no blood, all PG).

So check out PoleRiders over at