Training master students

I haven’t written much about my master thesis, but my friend Jan Ole who is on the same project has. Mostly because he is one year a head. I’m also getting help from him to learn the language my master thesis is supposed to circle around, namely ThingML. I’ll get back to this language and my master thesis on a later post. What I wanted to show you here is a post by my friend wrote about the training session we had today.


It’s inspired by this story.

Heroclix customization

Check out my latest customization. I got a new Sentinel (#G09) a couple of weeks ago, and when I tried to change the arm I broke it. Typical. Since I had two of it, I decided to do some customization. Wasn’t sure what to do first, had some ideas for a lightsaber in his fist, and a magic ball or something in his other hand. Instead I used one of my many Spiderman (WoS #007) and Cannonball (the one inside the ice beam). And this is what I ended up with. Guess Spiderman need some more paint thought. What do you think?



Got some new games today!

Stoked: Big Air Edition (PAL)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Nordic Edition)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Classic)
Pokémon HeartGold
Hell’s Kitchen

Not sure why I bought Hell’s Kitchen, but I cost $1 so I thought it would be nice in my collection. All the other games have been on my wishlist, and if I keep up this rate I’ll be done with my game shopping for this year pretty soon. I haven’t told you this yet, but one of my resolutions is to buy less games, or more precisely the games on my wishlist. As I don’t believe I could stop buying games. It will be fun to see if I can keep it. Luckily I’ll have my girlfriend to help me (just need to inform her first).

My vacation!

I’m really not in the mood for writing, plus I don’t feel that I have something to write about. So thats why I’m going to write something. Point wise…

Christmas eve was great, and I got some wonderful gifts, among other things; Nintendo 3DS, books, money and other things I wished for.

I also got some time to read my Murakami book, 1Q84. Great book! Can really recommend it.

As mention I’ve got a 3DS (Zelda edition), so I’ve also used a lot of time playing Ocarina of Time. As I’ve never tried it before, everything is new for me. And it’s a great game, a bit hard, but still great!

Back after the vacation I’ve starting (or continued) to renovate my apartment. I’m isolating one of my walls and looking for new shelf for my living room. As mention before in this blog I made a shelf, but I’ve decided to move it and buy some. Making one was to expensive!

As for the year 2012 I’ll get started with my Master thesis, step down on buying and hopefully playing games. It takes to much (fun) time. Need the time to code and read. I also starting on a game for Android in December and I plan on working more on it this year. Will post some images when I get something to show off. Stay tuned!

Thinks that all for now, hope you enjoyed this little “list” of things that have happened. Maybe I’ll do more of this blogs, since I think it’s better to post some then nothing. We’ll see!