Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution came out last week, and I’ve had a blast playing through it. The gameplay is still the same, hard and addictive. RedLynx (the developers) have finally added multiplayer and it works like a charm! Sadly if your are an experiment player like my there aren’t that many difficult tracks. I struggled only with three extreme tracks. Inferno 3 which was the hardest track in Trials 2SE (which my record is 45:32:91 and 288 faults, you can check out my old profile here) I manage to complete in the first try! That can’t be right, I know I’m not that good. So if your looking for a new XBLA game, this is it! have some pretty rad game art which you can order for w whopping €40. Which is pretty expensive if you ask me, but if anyone want to buy one for a gift to me I would forever appreciate it.

These are my four favorite.

My (own) Zukie

I got myself a new best friend! A Zukie plush toy. Look how cute it is, and it looks like it enjoy hanging out with my buddy Blimpus. You can also get one through Alison Perez.