On Thursday my institute arranged a business day called Dagen@Ifi. This year I got surprised to see that they where arranging a Quake competition, and luck struck when it was Quake, the original Quake. Which is what I’ve played the most. Love that game! When I joined I didn’t know what I could win, and just wanted to join for the fun. For all I know there could be other good players. So, first round went pretty well; 19-1. He got a point when we both telefragged each other. Which is always hilarious. Second and third match also went pretty good. So I finally ended up in the final. Which was a “first man to 50 frags” type of match. Took about an hour, but I won (and by a long shoot to, 50-4). So that made the proud winner of an D-Link Boxee and a D-Link Sharecenter!


It hasn’t worked smoothly, but I’m getting the hang about how it works now. Luckily the Sharepoint works like a charm. Just need to get my hands on some more quietly hdd’s.

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Professor Layton and K

As usually I buy games every know and then. This week I ended up buying the remake of Jet Set Radio for XBLA (thats the reference for Professor K). I have it both for the Dreamcast and Xbox from before, but I always wanted an HD-version and a more convenient way to play it. Plus I wanted to support the games I like. So if it’s coming in a hard cover for the PS Vita I’m probably buying it even thought I don’t have a Vita (yet). So, back to the game. For me it wasn’t a good port, the sound was a bit laggy and strange. And after a bit googling I read that there where other that was experiencing the same problem, but sadly no solution. They where guessing it was a hardware problem. Other then that it looked ok, some of the textures was the same, so not the complete makeover it could have been. Guess that would cost Sega to much.

I’ve also got my hands on some Nintendo DS games. Of course the new Pokemon White 2 (not that I have the time to play it), and finally New Super Mario Bros. Which is not really a game I enjoy that much, but I feel that a proper collection should have at least most of the Mario games. And last but not least I’ve finally got not just one, but two Professor Layton games! Last Specter and Unwound Future. Just need to plan some time to play them. I do really like puzzles of the type that are in the Layton series.