BitBlock played with Makey Makey

As mention in the last post I had forgotten to blog about my Makey Makey, this is partially to that I was quite busy when I got this last year, and that I didn’t have any project to test it with. I’m still a bit busy, but I’ve been working on a small game that really can work with the Makey Makey. So that’s why I’ve made this video of me playing BitBlock on fruits and a cake. Enjoy.

It was really easy to use the Makey Makey, as expected. It’s just an USB interface with an Arduino. Meaning that it function just as a keyboard/mouse.

mkmk1 mkmk3 mkmk2

Arduino Starterkit

Got my self a new Arduino Starterkit and it looking pretty sleak! I’m not really a Arduino projecter or Arduino-artist. Or whatever people using Arduino call them self, but I like to plunder with it sometimes, and a brilliant book comes with this new starterkit. It’s called “Arduino Projects Book” and have 15 different project where 14 of them are pretty cool (the first one is an introduction to breadboard, LEDs’ and basic electronic theory. Compared to the booklet you get with the Sparkfun kit, it’s like day and night. I haven’t read the book yet, but it look like it have elaborate explanation of the parts you need to learn when working with Arduino, and with the more interesting project I would recommend this kit over the Sparkfun one. I’ll try to make some of the projects later this week and blog about them. First I just have to read the book and I want to try out my Makey Makey I got last year (Which I just found out that I hadn’t blogged about, so guess I will try to write a little bit about it later today, or tomorrow).

arduino starterkit arduino inside 1 arduino inside 2 arduino projects book

The Distance in Reality by 8 Flax

Found a cool song over at Bandcamp while working on my master. As it was time for something new since all last week went to listen to Faster Then Light soundtrack, also on Bandcamp.

Also check out this awesome album, Chromatic T​-​Rex by Ben Prunty.

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