Two PS4 Games

I’m looking forward to these two PS4 games. The first is The Witness by Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid (which I have not yet played). Looks very promising and I’ve been following the developer blog for some time now.


The second game is the new inFamous game. I loved the three previous ones, so hopefully this one will be as good or if not better. I’m curious how it will be to play as the new character. Plus I’m hoping we finally can learn to fly!



Update: Waterproofed RC car

So, yeah…a couple a days ago I thought I had managed to waterproof my RC car. Turns out I was wrong. Today when I tried to start the car, nothing happened. So I took it up to my apartment and opened up the ESC. Guess what I found inside, water. Now I’m waiting till it will dry and hoping that it will get better. Or else I have to buy a new one. Guess I’m going for something waterproof then. :\

Fan-fiction: Animal Crossing

I don’t normally read fan-fiction. Not because I don’t like it, but I don’t seek for it and no one links me to any fan fiction, but this week I found this Animal Crossing fan fiction that was supposed to be very good, and it is. Just finished it, and I can really recommend it. You don’t need to know anything about animal Crossing, but beware, it is a little bit disturbing.

The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing

Waterproofed RC car

Today I finally got around to buy me some Plasti Dip that is perfect for waterproofing electricity. A bit expensive since I only used a 1/100th of the bottle. Still, I think it went rather well. Had a try in the icy snow outside my apartment and it went very well. Was with an old battery, so didn’t get to drive that long, but tomorrow I’ll ride some more. As I write, the RC car is upside down in the shower to try of. Hopefully the waterproofing is good enough so no water will ruin the electricity. Guess the only way to find out is to drive some more. Anywho, you can see some images underneath on how I did the proofing. Nothing special, I followed the guide I found. I went for ballooning the servo as it seemed as the simplest solution.

Drifting RC

I’ve finally bought the stuff I need to waterproof my RC car. So we’ll you wait for a post on that you can enjoy me drifting with my other RC car that I bought the new engine for. After I was done driving I found out that the plastic I used to keep the engine at bay had started melting. So I need to find some metal I can use instead. Or maybe more expensive and better plastic.