Friday and saturday

This weekend have been quite busy. Not because I’ve been a good boy to work on my master, but that I’ve been making a lecture about Android for The Gathering next week, and I’ve been driving my RC car a lot. So much that I’ve managed to crash it pretty hard a couple of times. I need a lot more practice! Also, Yogitea is back, at least for today.

YogiTea of the day: Feel good, be good, do good.


Got this loot of games on Friday from a buddy on I know I have some of the games before, but they where so cheap that I wanted duplets. Nothing wrong in that. I’m also stoked that I got my hands on the Sonic 10th anniversary pretty cheap. I also got my hand on the sequal to Star Gladiator called Plasma Sword. From the pictures on the back it look a bit different, so I look forward to try it out hopefully next week.




This is the inside and the engine in a servo. Had to open it up because the servo wire got tangled with the driver shaft and pulled out. Sadly after that I’ve had some problems with the servo not aligning correctly. Not sure why :\


I mention earlier that I had crashed a bit, and here can you see what happens when you hit a concrete column. Not good. Luckily some super glue and metal fixed it, and it is no as good as new (nearly at least)!


I also filmed Turing the Pleo at Åpen Sone. It has a walking problem, and I think the strange sounds you hear around 0:15 are the cause of that.


A friend of mine showed a Arduino project called Auduino. I non-technical words it’s a synth, but it is also something that:

uses granular synthesis techniques to generate a distinctive filter-sweep sound that had much more character than boring square waves

It is pretty easy to make, and fun to play with. Even thought some of the notes/tones it makes is just noise. What you need is an Arduino, 5 potensiometers and some wires. Hook it all together and upload the library and your set.

Read more about it over at TinkterIt.

Nte: G-force from driving

Screenshot - 03022013 - 04:45:32 PM

Some weekends ago I was working on my old Nitro car. The one I’ve switched the engine on. In image two from that post you can see some circuits boards. What you see is an Arduino, Xbee, and a three dimensional accelerometer. The Arduino do all the processing of data, and sends it via Xbee to my computer. Using the data gathered with the three dimensional accelerometer it was possible to map out the g-force that the car generate.

So what you can see in the image is the g-force generated by my car. Next step is to make a more readable display.

NM in Rubik’s cube 2013

simulaI just recently started to cube, mostly because Åpen Sone where I hang out while I study at my university, lends out area to the Norwegian Cube Association. In that relationship we had some courses to teach people how to cube. And I aws one of them. So in two short weeks I’ve manage to learn how to cube. So why not be a part of NM?

You can find my time underneath, and read some more about it at Åpen Sone.

My score
# name country t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 average best
57 Kyrre Havik Eriksen Norway 1:30.13 2:02.00 2:10.61 2:07.94 2:02.22 2:04.05 1:30.13


There where even some people competing with their feet!


NTE: Nitro to electric

Found out I should name my RC car project to make it easier to distinguish between the different projects. So to make it clear, this is the nitro to electric project, or in short NTE. Cool? Or maybe just call it Kure like the big red logo on the side of the car.

“Anywho”, I’ve finally made something that manage to hold the engine without melting. Metal was the choice, had to drill some new holes and ended up making them a little bit out of place.

My new awesome foam tires. Works like a charm on the slippery University floor.

Hooked up an Arduino to track g-forces. It works, so need to make a program that prints it pretty. Will write more about how it works and what it shows in the next blog.

first iteration of the new engine-holder-thingy. Made it a bit better in the second iteration.