Another Beo*


I tried another Beo* the other day. This time it was Blood orange with a touch of hibiscus. It wasn’t as good as the green one. I felt it was a bit sweeter, but there where to little taste of the orange. As the other you could really taste the malt, but I’m at least getting used to it. Probably not going to buy it the next time I buy Beo*, I’ll rather go for the green one.



Time for a new and exciting taste. I’ve tried Beo* before, but then with a different taste (that will be presented later). Beo* Apple with a taste of green tea has a acidic/sour taste (not sure what is the best English word, I don’t mean it in a negative way). It has an interesting aftertaste, but a bit too sparkling for my taste. All in all it’s good if your like your drink with a malt taste. The price is nice too.



Visited Sweden with my brother today. As we where there to buy cheaper alcohol for his wedding we visited “Systembolaget” (the place where you buy alcohol in Sweden. I don’t drink alcohol, so instead I bought different non-alcoholic beverages. So the coming week I will write a short post about each beverage I bough.

First out is Xcide by Carlsberg. They say it’s a new mix with no history. Which I believe since I didn’t feel that the taste was any special. It was good, but nothing special. So I would probably not buy it again if there where other tastes to try, but I would certainly drink it again. The price was faire, but Xcide is nothing to be xcided about (pun intended).

Nothing to be xcided about.
good taste, would drink again, but maybe not buy if there are other tastes to try. Missing that little special. Fair price.