The summer till now (not really)

This post was originally planned for 26th of June, but was never “released”. So here it is a bit late, but still about my summer.


I got a Fatboy for my balcony! It’s super comfortably and easy to move around, even though it takes a bit room. Luckily it can handle water.


I also visited the top of Oslo’s tallest building, the SAS hotel (not sure if it is still called that though).


In May I participated in Åpen Sone’s first game jam, and my friend and I came on first with the came Dark Room Escape. You need Löve2D to run it. We won a AI book and the movie Tron. I got the Tron film!


A lot happened in May. I was on a small hiking trip the night to the 17th (our national day) and my shoe where just torn apart. They where pretty old, and it looked like they had eroded over the winter…


so I ended up buying a new pair! Not Norwegian shoes, but leather! They are really good to walk in, and the tip is rounded to make the walking flow better.


When I was finished with my Master and got my grade, I got a little gift from my girlfriend. It was wrapped pretty cool if you ask me.


And this super cool and grown-up style man-bag was inside!


I solved my first 4x4x4 Rubiks cube (technically a Magic cube this one)!


My girlfriend had bought a little gift for me in USA when she where there this Christmas, but she forgot it at her sisters so I got it when she came back June. It’s Mad*D. Pretty sweet and tall!


The FatBoy wrapping. Even though it is a big box, it weigh next to nothing. So it was easy to carry it from the post office.


Made banana-split or what-ever it is called with M&M’s. *Nam*


My favourite band Sigur Rós released a new album called Kveikur, and I just “had” to have the collectors edition. Somehow the image is upside down :\


Bought two other LPS this spring/summer. The Postal Service 10 year anniversary edition, and the new album from Daft Punk, Random Access Memories.


By Morten Notodden
By Morten Notodden

Finally found Quarriors at my local board game store. Or not my usually local store. As they got two stores in downtown Oslo. Usually I go to Outland Kirkegata to play some Heroclix, but they are renovating their player area so we went to the one at Østebanehallen. And there I found one last Quarriors! Quarriors is similar to Dominion, but instead of building with cards you build with dice instead. Looking forward to play it some more, as I’ve only tried it once when it first came out.

Mighty Switch Force!

Mighty-Switch-Force Finally I beat Might Switch Force! Now I’ve only have the bonus levels left before I head over to Might Switch Force! 2. I couldn’t care to even try on getting par on each of the levels. To hard and to many games left to finish.

For those who don’t know, it’s a “jumping puzzle capturing escaped convicted” game for 3DS download.

Transpyr 2013

I finally took the time to go through all of my Transpyr images. Around 1500 and uploaded the 300 best of them. Check out over at Flickr!

Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013ProposedTranspyr 2013Transpyr 2013
Transpyr 2013Butt-markFinished and tiredTranspyr 2013Transpyr 2013Cava surprise!
Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013
Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013GatoradeGatoradeGatoradeTranspyr 2013

Spain July 2013, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

My brothers where participating in a mountain bike race called Transpyr. From Roses to San Sebastian through the Pyrenees. It was over 800km up and down mountains. My dad and I was helping them out with the luggage, extra bikes and getting them food and water when the arrived at each of the finish lines.

I’m really proud of them!

PS: I’ll see if I can get around to upload some images from Vietnam too. I’m inspired to go through more images.

Ouya – Kickstarter Edition


I finally got my Ouya! It arrived the day after I left for Spain, so could pick it up before this Monday. I’ve posted some images of my opening it and turning it on after the jump, for those interested in that.

I’ve only played some games on it. For example Towerfall which was really fun, but since I only have received one of my four controllers yet, only single-player for me. I didn’t had much trouble getting it up and running other then that it wouldn’t connect to my protected WiFi, luckily I also run a guest-net. After that the only problem I had was adding my credit-card. Had to do it via their site. No biggie!

Looking forward to get the extra controllers, as most of the games are made for multi-player. So, got any games to recommend?

PS: There is also an image of my new Scott Pilgrim action-figure!

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Art from Tumblr

As some you probably know, I spend some time on Tumblr. It’s a great place on the Internet! So for today I’m going to list some cool art that dropped into my Feedly (no more Google Reader) inbox while I was in Spain.

Someone called Jacek Yerka created this strange and wonderful image. More over at CuteBronto.


Not all Tumblr username are safe for work, but this next piece is made by user ProudPussy.


A Danish man named John Kenn made this wonderful scary cute piece. Would really enjoy having it on my wall. This was also from the user CuteBronto.

john kenn

Next up is a gif by a tumblr user called Tmsowacl. Probably not his/her real name. The blog is kinda not safe for work, but not in the porn way, more in the “WTF?” way.

ufo game

Cornelia Konrads is a German artist who makes thing float. Check out more images over at AsianUnicorn.

stone wall

Illustrator MKT4 made this cute little animal. You can see more over at TokyoBunnie.