SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

Yesterday I talked about my RC savings (a little fun fond). I had originally planned to buy myself a 4×4 Scaler with the money. More precisely an Axial SCX10, either the Dingo or the Rubicon. Since I ended up buying a drift car to drive with my colleague I put my SCX10 idea on ice, until I saw a Christmas offer I didn’t wanted to say no too. So I ended up getting myself my very first scaler! The actual building of the kit was done before Christmas, but I finally now got around putting the time-lapse together for my blog. Enjoy the view of me building my SCX10.

PS: I’ll upload another video of me testing the car tomorrow.

New tires and a wrench

I ordered some new wheels for my 1/8 and a wrench so I could get the on easier (adjustable wrench doesn’t work that well). the new wheels looks really good with possible more grip then the old ones, but sadly when I got home and wanted to try them out I found out that there where something wrong with the car. I think both my diffs are missing some teeth. So need to open them up and take a look.


3Racing XI Sport

I uploaded images of a new car yesterday (that my brother managed to crash). I had originally planned to post this little image series a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been to busy so it has just stayed in my draft folder. Finally I had some time to post it. So, yeah…I’ve started drifting! It all started when a friend of mine talked about how boring it’s going to be when the winter sets in and we can drive on the road any more. So we went looking for places to drive inside. The closest one was RC-Land (which I’ve already posted a video from), but we weren’t allowed to drive with our buggies. Which kinda sucks, but I totally understand. The track is way to small for a 1/8.

As you can see underneath that didn’t stop us. I spent part of my RC-budget (which I was saving up for something else, but more on that later) on a new 3Racing XI Sport. Originally for touring, but works really well for drifting when you switch the diff’s.

The box for the 3Racing XI Sport.
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Christmas Eve was just a couple of days ago, so time for a “recap”.

I wished for the book “Jævla drittsystem”, but ended up getting three copies. Three times the fun!

I’m also hoping to go to South Korea (or maybe the north part?), so I got some books from my brother!

Home-made candy!

Plus, I got a new RC car from my girlfriend! Hadn’t thought that! It’s a Tamiya M-06 WV Bubble!


NTE: A solution with the Kyosho Inferno

I’ve have had some problems getting my NTE to work properly with the new engine. So when a colleague offered me his Kyosho Infero for a very reasonable price, I couldn’t say no.


Above is how the Inferno looks like without its fuel engine, a nice airy hole.
As there where no battery holders for the fuel version I started of with just taping them. That didn’t work that well. So I switched to Velcro for better stability and to make it easier to take on/off.
P1100178The motor is a bit crooked, but that was the best I could manage without making new holes. It works pretty well.