Suzuki Swift

Tam tam tam da! Got my own promo car! GunnarB over at has as side project of custom painting RC bodies. So I decided to throw some money his way and asked him to make one for me. It is based of the Swift’s you can rent from Rent4Ring in Germany, which I’ve driven my self (it’s a lot of fun!). So here it is. There are more photos after the jump, and they are all taken by Gunnar!

What do you think? I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Now I just need to be a better driver so I don’t wreck it!

IMG_3493 IMG_3497 IMG_3492

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More down force!

I was at RCLand yesterday testing out my new sweep tires for the m-chassis. It worked really well,  especial after only using grip liquid on only the back wheel. To try to get even more down force in the back, I decided to try out a wing for the car. Or at least, that what I said. It was mostly for show, so I went for the biggest wing they had!

What do you think?

Thinking of painting it red too. Two more after the jump. Continue reading More down force!