RC Competition @ Gjøvik 29 and 30 March

This las weekend I was at Gjøvik competing in my first ever RC competition. I drove my Christmas gift M-Chassi and had a blast! I learned a lot about driving and how to set up my car. So now I’ve ordered a ton of new parts to tune it. Mostly because I manage to snap the chassis in two when I hit the wall in my practice run, and I broke one of my back wheel on the last heat. Guess that happens. Luckily new parts are pretty cheap.

I’ve uploaded a ton of images to my flickr account, so head over there to see them all.



My firste Scale Tour

Last Sunday I met up with some forum-buddies of mine to drive some Scale truck. This was my first real trip since I bought the beast in November. We went to Ekebergåsen where we found some really good, but maybe a tad difficult spots.


Roads never look steep on pictures, but it was. I sadly had to lift my car over this section as it was to steep and slippery.


My friend Kjell’s car on the left and Stig on the right.

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More Singapore

I had planned to post these images last week, when I got home from Singapore, but I’ve been to busy painting my apartment. I’m nearly done with painting, but took a break today to drive some F1 car (yay, finally got it running), and practice with my M-Chassis M-06 as I’m going to compete on Saturday and Sunday in Gjøvik. Will try to take a lot of pictures and film.

Anywho, back to Singapore. This is just an image dump with no particular order, they are also all from my cell phone, so not the best quality. I’ve will also upload some images to Flickr next week.


Some vanilla ice and volcano brownee dessert.


I love me some pancake. And Singapore got a lot of pancake restaurants. This one is a “dollar pancake” dessert. Where you dip the small dollar sized pancake in the different sauces. It was delicious.

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Singapore Drift

I got home from Singapore yesterday and I must say that it has been a great trip! I didn’t take as much pictures as I usually do, and I used my phone a lot more then usually. So I’m going to spread the pictures out this week to get time to write a little about (maybe) each of them. This post is dedicated to all the cars I saw in Singapore. In Singapore it is really expensive to own a car, I think you even have to pay a $90 000 (SGD) license to even allow to have a car. And then you can only have that car for ten years, before it has to be scrapped. So for some reason a lot of people spend even more money to “pimp” the car. So in some streets I felt like I was in the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.


More images after the jump!

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Images from Singapore


I first thought it was the obvious deal, buy one, get one, but it is actually buy one, get one for free. So 2 for 1, as it’s called in Norway.


There is a rather large salamander or something on the tree.


You aren’t allowed to do anything on the metro. Which sucks! I want my water.


There is no exit from the metro, only the “way out”.


From the MRT (the metro).