Åpen Sone Game Jam fall 2014

It’s over a year since last time I competed in a game jam, but this weekend I was (nearly) free to participate in the fall edition of Åpen Sone Game Jam (at University at Oslo). The theme this time was “limit”. There are of course several ways to interpret this, but I took it as a handicap. So I made a spaceship game called “Little Big Spaceship” (a tribute to Little Big Adventure), where you and one or two friends shot out in space with a spaceship. The kicker is that each spaceship type has a limit, either in turn rate, fire rate, or speed. So you have to fit your play style with the type of ship you have chosen.

So with this little game I manage to sweep up the third place, winning myself a little trophy and the book “Realm of Racket”.

Screenshot from 2014-10-27 19:46:57

Screenshot from 2014-10-27 19:48:45

Game art from Kenney.

You can fork or clone the project over at Github.
Executable for windows, and regular .love.

Sold my apartment

Back in May I posted about some renovation I was doing to my apartment, because I was going to put it up for sale later that month. Now, four months later I’m done with the renovations, sold the apartment, and bought a new one! And I’m moving in on Friday! Couldn’t be more trilled!

Before I introduce you to my new apartment which is nearly twice the size of my old one, I want to post some images of my old one. The photographer did a wonderful job, and I was really pleased with the price I got for it.

The apartment ad can be seen at Finn.no.


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