Just wanted to say that I am sorry for the lack of updates. Haven’t been home for some days. Went to my cabin with my parents on Friday, and got home today. Then I went to see a friend of mine. Got waster vacation from school! Woho. So going to second largest computer party. The Gathering at Hamar. Going to be so much fun, plus my girlfriend is joining too! Have also formatted my computer the last week. So now its fresh and clean, and tomorrow I’m taking all the parts out and give it a real good cleaning! Its going to be as good as new! Even looking forward to it too. One funny thing happened Friday as I was going from school down to the train. I had my computer in a “desktop computer bag” with a shoulder strap, and the strap broke. So my computer fell from 3 feet and boom on the asphalt. Luckily it’s still working. Good for me!

Here is also four quick blog spot. Didn’t wanted to use time to post them, because I want some sleep!

The Leet World
An “reality series” about Counter Strike. Check it out for more info.

Olympic Piracy
Found this one at Kotaku. Its about some old game that’s ripoff of some other famous work!

“Old” commercials
Here’s some old commercials layouts with new consoles. The are really nice too look at.