Long day, late typing

Its been a long day for me. First I have done some updates here on the blog. New layout, some admin plug-ins and last I’ve changed the date and time to a more friendlier text. Not sure if I’m all happy about the last one. Looks a little random, Ill try it out for a few days. See how it goes. I’m also working on getting the links to fold in like folders do, but looks hard.
In real life the day have been doable. Had choir for three hours. One of the song are really boring to sing, as I’m bass and we mostly sing “a”. So I’m glad its all done in the next two days. Going to perform it in the local church tomorrow and then a tour around the town on Wednesday. So just have to stick it up! I also getting really tired of this job and place. Really looking forward till an vacation on Thursday, finally Christmas break. Home to the family. I do miss to talk to my parents, have some real deep thoughts about life. Getting some answers, sometimes. Mostly we just discuss and chat. Just want to put everything behind me, cause I’m playing on my last nerves now, I’m getting easy irritated on other people. Mostly on stuff I don’t really care about and not at all involve me. Stupid brain want to think and care about everything around me. Bet it thinks that the world surrounds around me. Wish there where a way to just turn it off for awhile (with out doing drugs, cause don’t wanna fuck it up at the same time). The brain could need a defragmentation . It really have been over working the last week. Holiday here I come!

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