I feel a little bit better…

Been to work, and I’m going to work tomorrow too. No fun in having two jobs, and studying. Taking up all of my time, but only two more weeks of school and I’m done for this semester. Woho! Until then I guess I just have to handle the stress. At least I get some money and a education. Can I really ask for anything more?!

Bought some new games today, looking forward to try them out after exam. Will probably start earlier as I’m no good at waiting. Too bad two of them looks like they are in a different language then I can speak. Spanish and french I think.

Doshin the Giant, Evolution worlds, Winnie the Pooh, Spyro Enter the Dragonfly, Spyro A Hero’s Tail and WaveRacer Blue Storm.

Going to add them to my collection on Saturday or Sunday. Have also more to blog about, but I’m getting to tired and have to get up early (at least if you compare it to the other days). So off to bed I am. Blog you tomorrow or Saturday! Have a nice weekend!

PS: Two Three cool videos after the jump!

Funny commercial made for NRK3. A Norwegian channel.

Damien Walters Vaults Off Moving Car – Watch more Funny Videos
An awesome parkour/flipping movie with Damien Walters!