Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-01

  • @dnoate her kommer det et lykkeønske! in reply to dnoate #
  • is tired! #
  • is back from squash! #
  • at school reading… #
  • playing wind waker! #
  • back in Asker. Going to be here till tomorrow! #
  • @whatsupeman welcome to the world of twits *giggle* in reply to whatsupeman #
  • @whatsUpEman kjempe lenge! Ses på skolen elleve? For nå drar jeg. in reply to whatsUpEman #
  • at school trying to get smarter! #
  • have change the dirt in all the flower pots on 100m (my computer lab) #
  • @sifud yeah! Bra du kom over til den andre siden!
    Går ikke så bra med min lesning heller… in reply to sifud #
  • back from work! #
  • working on KN, supah fun! #
  • is sick and tired of program which are not using open source! #
  • is sunburned because he spent the whole day in the sun… #
  • going to school Be there in an hour or less. #
  • it’s better to stay inside to read than be outside in this wather! #
  • @whatsUpEman oh hell yeah! Oda er her også. Sitter på VB. Gøy på Lillehammer? in reply to whatsUpEman #
  • @whatsUpEman vet ikke hva Oda gjør. Jeg soser egentlig bare…vet ikke hva jeg skal lese på :p in reply to whatsUpEman #
  • @whatsUpEman hehe, skjønner jeg. Jeg klarer ikke å lese. Vil ut i sola, selv om jeg er drit solbrent 🙁 in reply to whatsUpEman #
  • back home again, it’s so warm! #
  • programming Java is fun! #
  • the world is to hot too handle! #
  • just installed NetBeans and it looks promissing. #
  • @whatsUpEman i’ve started working on a tamagotchi java program. It’s a lot easier with netbeans to compile and run…since cmd sucks! in reply to whatsUpEman #
  • @whatsUpEman hadde ikke tenkt på det, men kan sikkert det. Skal spille golf fra ti, så er sikkert ikke ferdig før to. in reply to whatsUpEman #

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