Me and You

So, been a while since I’ve blogged about my life now. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking about myself, but mostly I don’t have the patience to sit down and start writing. The last weeks have been like that. Not sure why that happens, because there have been several occasions where I could just sit down and start to write. I also know that I don’t have to write very long either. It’s not a test or anything like that, but still I don’t take the time to just relax and write. Lately I’ve been feeling, not stressed, but that I have to do something all the time. Like I have to play some 360 or Gamecube, not because I really want to, but because I’ve bought some new games. Guess the collection and not having enough time and interest to play the “new” games tricks with my head.

Speaking of new games, got Viewtiful Joy 2 and Samurai Jack for Gamecube, that puts my Gamecube game collection up to 34! Still a bit to 50 games, but I like how the stack rise! Wonder how much space it would take if I spread them out on my floor. “Anywho”, I had to try them out a little before I could stack them with the others and leave them there till next time I have time to play some games. Samurai Jack was kinda like the series (which I find rather cool), your powerful, quick (at least when you slow down time) and you fight like an real samurai. Think it can be a fun game, because you will learn new combos as you advance through the levels. Also there are some relics you have to pick up and you will get some kind of an bonus. Don’t know yet, as I’ve only played through first level.
Viewtiful Joy 2 was also a fun game. Not sure if I liked the graphical style on it, but the fighting and powers you have and get trough the games, makes it promising. I think I need to play it a bit more in a near future. One of the best trick, is slowing down time. Then you really kick some enemies ass. I really think more games should have slow-motion in some way!

Lets get back to talking about me again. I’ve had two out of three exams this week. The first one went rather well, had some problems with a graph I’ve could remember I’d even heard about, but I found out that I’ve drawn something that looked a bit alike. Hopefully I will get some credits for that! This was in a class called System development (INF1050), the second one was in object programming. Also called Java class (INF1010), which I think is supah awesome! That’s the subject I’ve used most of my time on, not because there is a lot to do, but because I think it’s so much fun! Sadly the exam wasn’t that much fun. When I first read trough all the tasks, it didn’t look that confusing. Just some recursion and threading. Not that hard. The hard part was to understand what they really meant with the tasks and what they wanted us to do. Which I didn’t really figure out later that day, long after the exam was done. Still after that, if I had a lot of time, I also need to work out the code for it, which also would had taken some time. Since the task was really weird and not very efficient. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who had troubles with the tasks, so it will be interesting to see who the gradings will be. Was really hoping for a good grade, but now I’m thankfully for a C.

New topic, I’ve been using nearly an hour writing this post, and it’s getting quite long know. Which is fun. You might wonder how I can use one hour writing six hundred and fifty four words, but that’s because I’m moving around and surfing while I do it. Sometimes I just love to google different words and just see what I find out there, out there in the blogosphere! It’s a lot of strange, sad, cozy, and bad posts out there, but still. I like the thought that so many people write about their thoughts and their life! Mostly I’m googling for cute and cozy stuff. Like tonight I was googling “You and me” and “Me and you”, and I found a lot of cute girl blogs. Posting “emo” pictures, sad text about lost boyfriends, but also happy text about how they love someone and cute pictures with bunnies on! Now you might be wondering why I’m googling “You and me” and “Me and you”. That’s because I’m thinking about making a little game studio, so then I need a proper name. Game studio you may say. Yes, a game studio. I’ve started working on a game, nothing big. Just a little tamagotchi. I’m building it from scratch using Java. And I think it’s really complex. Getting everything to work together and make it live. Everything have to follow a time line, so that there is a reason to interact with it. It’s not much yet, but hopefully I will make it usable. I’ve will also post a beta version when I get that far into the development. Now I’m in closed alpha.

Guess that was it for tonight. Going to bed soon. Have to work tomorrow. From 1200 to 2000. That’s like the whole day! So guess it will be a quiet Saturday night. It’s not that fun to work on a Saturday, but I have to survive! Good night everyone, and thanks for reading! I think this is blog number 430. Not bad, not bad at all if you ask me!

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