Even more Trials HD info!

Just some quick quotes from the forum.


– Left analog stick: Analog backward/forward leaning
– Directional pad: Digital leaning (full power)

Gas & Brake:
– Right analog trigger: Analog gas
– Left analog trigger: Analog brake
– A: Digital gas (full power)
– X: Digital brake (full power)

No separate front/back brakes, as we didn’t want to make the control scheme any more complex. Different bikes have different brake balance and braking power.

Other buttons:
Y = bail out
B = quick restart to last checkpoint
BACK = quick restart track (faster “ready, go!” version)
START = open in-game pause menu

Sounds like an good controller. I’m very curious about the full power “feature”, as it could be real fun to play some level where you only use either full break or full power! Also I’m missing a quick way to change the camera angel, but maybe they’ll use the right and left buttons/bumper for that.

There will be 12 skill levels! Supah fun!

There are 12 different Skill Games in Trials HD. Each with their own leaderboards (with replays) and in-game friend comparision features.