My Trials 360 Project (Finished)

As I mention on Thursday I’m gonna spray my Xbox 360 with the Trials 2 logo. Yesterday I tried two different methods to see which once the best. Ended up with the stencil one where I carved out the logo in carton and then spray it on. The first spray didn’t got that well as you will see in the gallery below, but I am going to make a better version of my stencil today. See if it will look better. May have to buy another type of spray can because I think this one drips to much. I’ll see. So hit the jump to see the gallery and the update.

As you probably noticed I have dropped the “Redlynx” and “Second Edition” text. The reason for that is that its too small for me to carve out. If I had an machine to do it or something like that I would of course made it like the proper one.

Part 2

Tested some new ways to make the stencil better and ended up with having much thicker paper. Then I discovered another problem. How do you easily cut thick paper, tried with the knife. Didn’t go well so went down to the wood works and look for a tiny saw. Luckily I found some small wood chisel that I could use. So after about ten minutes I was done. Ready to try the new stencil. Headed upstairs and out, went inside and grabbed my plate and can. You can see how it went. Not that well so I decided to buy a new spray can tomorrow and hopefully that would work better! You’ll all see 🙂

Part 3

Bought a new spray can today. Too see if that would help me spray, and it did! It worked so good that I decided to spray my 360 today. As you can see on picture six my stencil is really used. So I decided to make a new one before I sprayed my loved Xbox. After that I needed to cover the rest of the 360 so nothing would be ruined. Plastic ended up being my choice of cover, easy to use. Just cut an hole and tape around it! Next up was holding the stencil and spray. Everything went just fine. Only waiting left. Need to let the spray dry.

The Finished piece

Finally the spray is dry enough so I can take the plastic away. I’m really impress and proud of my work. Didn’t thought it will go so well. Where some minor fault. The logo didn’t end up as aslant I had wished for, but its still awesome. Also if you look close you can see one of the tape that hold the plastic got a bit to close. Also want to thank my girlfriend for support and help on this little project!

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