Back to normal…

School is starting next Monday, so things should go back to normal very soon. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been a hectic summer, don’t feel that I’ve relaxed that much. Still isn’t done with everything I started, but hoping to get done with most of it this coming week. I’ve also made lists of stuff I need to buy and jobs that need to be done. So it should be easy to get it done if I stick to the plan.

Last week (this week) I spent at confirmation camp, and it was fun. Very tiering but fun. Didn’t get much time to relax, was action from 8 to 24!

I’ve also worked out some new projects and have some other plans working out in my head, but more of them in a later post hopefully arriving late Monday or Tuesday. ¬†Also, check out two awesome videos after the jump.


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