Last whole school day

Today was the last whole school day before Christmas break. We all went on an local tour with the choir. I was a little bit uncertain if I wanted to join, but I did. I’m really glad I did because it was a lot of fun. We started at the local hospital and song for the patients there. They where all laying in their beds while we where standing in the hallway singing as loud as possible. After that the choir spilt in three. The first group headed to a kindergarten, the second group to the old people’s home (the group that I was in), and the t group went to a mental hospital. It was real fun to sing for the elderly, as we only where an small group. Around 25. After we had song a five, six song there we headed to a local mini-mall. The mall was probably the most fun place to sing in, because there where no one standing and listen. Some went by and clapped if they where lucky to be there when we where done. Finally the school day was over and we got the rest of the time off.

When I got back home to my apartment (that I share with my co-worker/milieu therapist)  I watched some Scrubs season five with my friends that where eating. Finally the clocked turned half past six and the “porridge feast” could start! We all gathered in the dining-hall and the feast started. First everyone ate and hoped for the almond to be in theirs porridge. In Norway there is a tradition where we put an almond in the porridge kettle and the lucky one get a marzipan pig. Sadly I didn’t get any, but it doesn’t really matter. Not a big fan of marzipan, but almond is good. Then our headmaster had a speech about how the year have been. The last spot on the program was that we all gathered in the common room and our teachers played Christmas songs and we all song! Joy! As an ending to the common room get together we revealed our” secret Santa’s”. Mine was Olav, one of the computer students. He had made me a nice diploma. In the game, “secret Santa”, we all get another student that we are supposed to treat extra nice. Make some poems and give hugs, but it is all a secret! That’s the main purpose of it all.

An other cool thing that have happened today is that I finally got into the Mythos beta testing! That is such a cool game. I’m going to write about it in a new blog tomorrow. Don’t have time tonight. Gotta game 😉

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