Rollercoaster Creator

Build your own Rollercoaster. How fun isn’t that?! And that’s not all, you have to build it so cool that passengers get all thrilled out and release hearts! Those are the bonus coins. The physic is simple, if the corners is to sharp the cart will fly off and crash.

You use your mouse to draw the track, you can also use some limited parts to get boost up, straight up and even a loop. Make the loop or the parts bigger by dragging while you place it. One of the minus in this fun game, is that there is no eraser to remove tracks you’ve placed, you have to either clear the current coaster or remove the last placed/drawn track part. So head over to Games Games where you can play Rollercoaster Creator!


– The cart will have a lot of “gravity” to the limited parts of the track. So use that to command the cart to follow that. You can use it to get the cart down from flying!

– Use the rockets to get extra speed

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