1/365 – Hello World! (Life of ‘name’)

So, I’ve started a new project! Original planned it yesterday when I came over this Flickr page. I’ve seen picture of the Danboard before, but I did never know it was a 365 days project. So that got me inspired to do my own. First I thought I should buy my own Danboard, but nah. Then I turned around (all my vinyl figures are in the shell behind me) and then I saw my Momo bear wave at me! And I just knew it, that’s the one. So guess that’s kinda how it started! I also fixed a Flickr account, so will just embed it in. Hope that won’t be much of a problem. Thought it would be easier that way. Oh, I still don’t have any name for him…

1/365 Hello World!

Hello everyone! I would introduce myself, but I don’t have a name at the moment. Luckily my photographer is working hard to find it. I say it, because I just replaced it. I stored it in my secret world where there live tons of Momo bears!