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It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted about my life. Haven’t been that inspired to blog about it. Not that stuff don’t happen, but no flow in my personal blog brain. Only problem is that it do take a lot of time to write about myself. I’m to easy to distract. Always finding something cool on the net. Okay, not always cool, but yeah, I get occupied. Started writing this on Sunday and then a friend called and wanted to hang and then I just forget about it all. Now its Thursday and I’m sitting on the train to Stavanger. Going to my oldest brother to stay there for some days. Going to be nice, really looking forward to that. Haven’t seen him since Christmas. Long time. We are going surfing on Saturday. Looking forward to that. Never tried it.

“Anywho”, Been home for one and a half week now. It’s been peacefully but a bit boring. Used the three, four first day just to pack out and sort out stuff I don’t want/need anymore. Wasn’t easy, I like to collect so don’t want to throw anything away. Found ten bags of salt that I didn’t want anymore. Think I collected them one time I was on vacation with my parents. I’m also getting rid of all my old model planes and boats. They weren’t really well painted. Then I had to start putting all the stuff I had in Voss in my room. Wasn’t easy since it is two very different rooms, but manage to fit most of it. Rest I just packed down. Don’t need everything of it. The funny is that there is still stuff that isn’t packed out. Mostly computer stuff, a whole bag og it. It is nicely placed at the end of my bed.

The rest of that first week I used to work on my fathers Suzuki. A small and cute jeep which I had to polish erosion of (not sure how to write). Then spray it so it would look nice and well taken care of, which it is and looks like now. I’m pretty pleased with the job. Then the weekend came and I started to visit old friends. That was a lot of fun. Been a long time since I’ve talked to them so had a lot to catch up on. Nothing majorly happened in their life, but hey, it’s fun to see them again. I also tried CoD4 on my friends PS3. I helped him hook it up online. It was a really cool game. A bummer I hadn’t tried it before. so thinking of buying it when I get home from vacation. Also bought him LocoRoco for PS3. Crazy game with crazy music. Well worth the price of 25kr (5$).

I’ve also started to learn about YoYo Game Maker. Which is a really good program to build computer games. Simple and advanced games. So maybe in a near future I’ll publish a “own” game. You’ll see.

Don’t think I’ve got so much more to write about. Traveling from my brother to my girlfriend on Sunday with boat and then bus. As she lives in Lærdal, not that far Voss. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen here. Two weeks on Saturday. It’s hard to go from seeing her everyday to just be able to talk to her over phone. So really looking forward to meet her on Sunday. Hug here, tickle here and kiss here beautiful lips. I love that girl.

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