World of Goo

Bought a “new” game last night. Was a bit bored and needed a new fun game. So I headed over to the Indiegames blog and read about “World of Goo”. It wasn’t the first time I looked at it, but since I’ve lost the bid on Shenmue earlier that evening I had money to spend, so why not check it out. It’s not done yet, but if you pre-orded it you would get the first chapter to play with. So I thought that would be money well spent. And it was. Those little Goo’s are so fun and cute to play with that it’s hard to put it away.

About the game
In the story mode you need to help the Goo’s to get too the sewer pipe by using them to build bridges, towers or other amazing construction. Often around objects or out of a frog. It’s a simple concepts, but needs your full concentration too be able to use as few Goo’s as possible to get to the end. The reason for using the fewest possible is that you can take with you the remaining Goo’s to the “World of Goo Corporation”. Here you can use all the extra Goo’s you have collected to build the highest tower possible. You will also compete with other players as your tower get higher and higher.

So if you have 20 bucks to spend, then you should spend it on World of Goo. Plenty of fun and you don’t need any fancy computer to run it on! For more info check out 2D Boy (which is the creator site) or maybe Wikipedia is your thing?! You can even try out the concept in Tower of Goo and in Tower of Goo Unlimited. When you get the game don’t forget to upload your scores. So everyone can see them over at World of Goo beta site.